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Shonagh Walker

Lifestyle Writer

Jun 01, 2021

Planpay is a new ‘buy before you fly’ travel option that’s encouraging would-be Aussie travellers to book and pay for vacations with confidence, before they settle into their seats.

Think of Planpay as Afterpay, only you’re in an airplane, and the trip’s paid for in full, in regular up front instalments, instead of after you’ve taken your trip. Conceived by Playtravel, Planpay is making it possible to book your next holiday with financial confidence.

How do I pay later with Planpay?

Step One: Choose your destination. Tahiti looks nice? We think so too. From there, build or choose your own package. Too easy!

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Step 2: Create Your Account
Create your account and manage payments and cancellations around the clock. The flexibility to tweak your trip and change the angle of your compass is one of the most appealing parts of this offering.

Step 3: Select Planpay At Checkout
This option allows you to book ahead for smaller weekly instalments or automatic instalments via debit or credit card, meaning your trip is fully paid for (aside from shopping and other excess travel expenses), before you take off. You can spend up to $12,000 with minimum weekly instalments of just $10.

How Planpay Came To Be

Research by Travel Play has shown that with domestic borders reopening and the trans-Tasman bubble operating between Australia and New Zealand, Southern Hemisphere travellers are ready to explore!

The stats reveal that over half (51%) feel like they really need a holiday. However, despite this sentiment, 1 in 4 (41%) also state that their current financial situation will not allow it.

Identifying the desire for travel and activities, but also the common financial barriers, Play Travel launched its new payment plan ‘Planpay’. Giving travellers the opportunity to choose a holiday package, or build their own to the value of $12,000 and pay back in weekly interest-free instalments, it appeals to consumers who like to budget and book with financial confidence.

Research also revealed that two thirds (67%) of Aussies find being able to pay off their holiday before they go appealing and of these, seven in 10 (70%) are willing to loosen their purse strings and spend more when they’ve paid their holiday off in advance.

“Over the past year we’ve seen the idea of travel completely reinvented due to the pandemic,” says Andrew Paykel, CEO Play Travel. “Despite the barriers we’ve been faced with, including financial, consumers are still eager to get out and explore. That’s why we’ve chosen to grow our offering beyond ‘AfterPay’ and launch ‘Planpay’. We want to be the gateway to helping Aussies live their travel dreams.”

AfterPay Your Trip Away

The online travel agency also offers customers the option to ‘AfterPay’ their holiday. With a limit of $3,000, paid in four fortnightly instalments, travellers can book and travel within 48 hours. Both payment options allow customers to take control, planning and paying for travel in a responsible and stress-free way. 

About Play Travel (TM)

Play Travel is an online travel agency supported by AP Ventures who are leading the way in Buy Now, Pay Later solutions for travel with a variety of instalment options including AfterPay and PlanPay. PlanPay is a traditional Lay-Buy model where customers can book a holiday package and pay for it in full or in weekly instalments over a two-to-12-month period, before they travel. Play Travel embodies the same Afterpay values that
Australians have come to know and trust – like responsible spending, no interest, and regular payments.Play Travel is an ATAS industry accredited online travel agency and member of the Australian Federation of Travel Agents (AFTA).


By Shonagh Walker

Lifestyle Writer

Shonagh Walker is a multi-award-winning lifestyle writer and author specialising in beauty, health, fashion, travel, pets and animals. Her career spans over 30 years, and she can't recall a day during that time, where she hasn't been excited to get to work!


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