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Is Skinification of Hair the Biggest Beauty Trend of 2024? An Expert Weighs In

The skinification of hair is a concept that blurs the lines between hair care and skin care. But, is this TikTok Trend woth the hype? Here’s what Trichologist Chelcey Salinger thinks … What does the skinifcation of hair actually mean? Traditionally, hair care has focused primarily on cleansing, conditioning and styling the hair strands. However, the skinification...

Marie-Antoinette Issa on Jul 23, 2024
Adding Tomato to Your Skin Care Routine is Not as Crazy as it Sounds

We’re certainly not suggesting you slap a couple of slices of heirlooms over your eyelids. And pay an ode to the DIY cucumber mask craze of the 90s. However, there is something to be said – even among scientifically speaking folk – about including plant-based botanicals in your quest for smoother skin. And, while the...

Marie-Antoinette Issa on Jul 18, 2024
Can One Shampoo Bar Really be Equivalent to 80 Washes?

From hot-plate-free straightening tools to micellar water and masks with mico molecules, innovative approaches to hair care are having a moment. Among the innovative developments are shampoo and conditioner bars. With block versions of this grooming essential designed to replace liquid varieties. We caught up with Vanessa Sharpe, GM of Product & Innovation at Ethique,...

Marie-Antoinette Issa on Jul 09, 2024
The Number One Insider Anti-Ageing Trick

Smooth, supple skin. If only there was some kind of short cut … or trick, or expert tip we could find out to get it. What’s that?  There IS a trick, you say? Well, the experts do anyway. Watch Sarah Brooks-Wilson, who has been a Beauty Editor for over 20 years (and has the skin to prove...

Sarah Brooks Wilson on Jul 05, 2024

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