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Revealing Insights Into A Trouble Magnet Child From A Therapist

Stirring up siblings, getting in trouble – being sorry and then doing it all over again, always in the middle of playground tussles – that are never their fault? If this is starting to sound familiar it’s because some of our young people – right from early days, really struggle with managing their behaviour. They...

Claire Orange on Jan 14, 2023
Top Tips To Manage Your Household Stress During the HSC

Ending the HSC with a happy and peaceful household may seem like an impossible task for those families about to guide their teenagers into exams. This period will create elevated stress for everyone living in a household with a highly emotional and reactive Year 12 student. Whether your child has dealt with their stress in...

Dr Anna Cohen on Oct 12, 2022
Lonely Millennials: 5 Simple Ways To Reconnect With Your Child

While likes on social media represent how popular we are, it does nothing to fill the void in connection with other humans.  Our kids are now suffering from loneliness while in the midst of our social media phenomena. Higher numbers of them are experiencing depression as their natural ability to connect is being eliminated. How...

Dr Karen Phillip on Oct 12, 2022
Kicking Goals: Craig Foster Named Australian Father Of The Year

Australian sporting personality Craig Foster (Fozzy) was announced as the Australian Father of the Year honouring his role as a father, sporting figure, youth mentor, coach and a father figure to vulnerable refugees. The awards held in Sydney at the TAG Foundation Grandstand, shone a light on the critical role of fathering in the lead-up...

Liz Courtney on Sep 04, 2022

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