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7 Things Teen Girls Want Their Parents To Know

Teenage girls have a unique world – that’s often confusing for parents! So we invited Rosie, 16, and Sadie, 16, to share some insider insights into their world. Here, they write about seven things that they’re diggin’, rockin’ and rollin’ right now, and their plans to “make the world a better place!” 1. Alternative Music!...

Franki Hobson on Jul 29, 2021
Coping with Kids As Co-Workers While Working From Home

As we long for the days of uninterrupted work time (remember those??), no one can deny that working from home with kids is a challenge. Sit down in front of your computer and you can be guaranteed your child is going to want your attention. They do not understand how important what you are doing...

Michelle Broadbent on Jul 09, 2021
Personal Trainer Jen Dugard: “Learn To Love Your After Baby Body”

She trained throughout both her pregnancies and put on 20kgs each time (weight gain she credits largely to Tim Tams). “I really didn’t enjoy the experience,” she said. “I hear about women who love being pregnant, they glow and say they feel wonderful – that wasn’t me. At all.” Name: Jen Dugard Children: Marley and...

Ilona Marchetta on Jul 06, 2021
Wedding Vows Renewed: Trudi and David Stretton, A Touch of Love and Salt

Every love story is unique. Sometimes people know they have fallen in love with a single glance. For others it’s a long, slow smoulder before love finally finds its flame. For Trudi and David Stretton, all it took was a few crystals from the magic salt container. “We were quite young when we first met,...

Michael Sheather on Jun 26, 2021

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