Where To Travel Based On Your Zodiac Sign

Your zodiac sign is a great travel destination decider
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Jan 04, 2023

Every trip is an adventure on its own, whether it’s a vacation by the seaside, a mountain ski resort thrill-ride, a business trip or a culinary tour across Italy.

What draws you to a certain destination certainly has something to do with your personality and the kind of fun you are looking for. Have you ever wondered if your travel preferences align with your zodiac sign?

It would sure be fun to find out if there’s something to it, whether you’re a horoscope devotee or not. The most basic distinction is that the earth signs enjoy being surrounded by nature, while water signs logically, enjoy water and beaches.

But there’s more to it. If you want to consult the stars for your next trip, here are some proposals according to your zodiac.


People born under this sign will enjoy outdoorsy activities, possibly with adrenalin-rush activities included, like kite surfing or beach surfing. They are adventurous and natural explorers. A National Park, like California’s Yosemite National Park, below, or Germany’s Jasmund National Park is a great place for Aries, as they include hikes and splendid views from the highest peaks.

Your zodiac sign could be pointing to Yosemite Park

Picture credit: Mountain Leon


A complete opposite, Taurus values comfort and indulgence above all. They will most likely enjoy a lovely country side scenery in a lux hotel that offers top class wines they can drink on a lovely terrace, while enjoying a splendid sunset. Italian vineyards in the region of Valle d’Aosta will surely satisfy any romantic Taurus.


Communicative and curious, Gemini will feel at home in eclectic, exciting metropole with array of options and sights a big city has to offer. Gemini are great at meeting new people and connecting with strangers. Generally, Europe’s capitals – like Berlin or London – are a must visit for impulsive and talkative Gemini.


Cancer is a domestic sign that enjoys its comfort zone, or its shell if you like. However, they do like staying somewhere near the ocean, somewhere peaceful where they can unwind, relax and enjoy sandy beaches. Seaside resorts might just be the thing to satisfy any peace loving Cancer, so the New Caledonia holidays would be the perfect option.


Kings and Queens of zodiac, Leos like to do everything with style and taste, including going on a trip. You’ll probably find an outgoing, fun-loving Leo someplace with a rich night life, probably Ibiza or a summer beach festival. However, they’ll never say no to an ancient castle turned into a five-star hotel, like Ashford Castle in Ireland, where they can be pampered like real royalty.

Ashford Castle has the style for the zodiac Leo


A practical Virgo wants to get more out of the trip than just change of scenery. They will choose someplace they’ve never been, like a city with rich history and monumental sights that they can get to know and learn about. If their nature loving side prevails, they will feel at ease in a nice wood cabin in Swiss mountains.


Libra is an intellectual sign, and Libras like to share their experiences with others. They also like to visit places that offer variety in every aspect, so they can have many options to choose from in case they get bored. Fascinating and modern designs of Japanese cities will satisfy their desire for diversity and exploring new things, which they can later share with friends.


Another adventurous sign, Scorpios are passionate and honest and their perfect getaway is someplace where they can have luxury as well as adventure. Morocco is both mystic and exotic, but also has finest hotels where you can indulge in lavish oriental spa treatments. For those Scorpios who feel even more adventurous, a sleepover in Sahara Desert camp might be luring.

Scorpios can indulge their adventurous zodiac tendancies in the desert


They are the travellers of zodiac. Natural hunters, they probably already visited more places than any other sign. They are experienced enough to plan their own trips, and they would always choose an “unexplored territory”, somewhere distant, where they can explore and “plant another flag”. They probably already know their next destination, we’re guessing somewhere exotic like temples and beaches of Myanmar or Patagonia.


Capricorns are serious and calm, but very goal oriented and disciplined. They don’t hesitate to travel alone, but they also like group activities and family time. Beautiful sceneries with biking paths, or hiking spots are a great option for Capricorns. Add to that a boat ride with sunbathing and drinks and you have a perfectly balanced and Capricorn-friendly holiday.


The most independent zodiac sign – Aquarius – loves freedom, their me time, and yes, water. Natural hot springs spa in Scandinavia, or Abu Dhabi entertaining program packed with shopping, safari and sailing are their destinations of choice.


You guessed it – Pisces love the beach. They are a highly sensitive sign, that responds to its surroundings, so they always prefer tranquil and restorative places. They also like to roam and engage in various activities, so a beach resort on Hawaiian Island, with yoga and surfing centres will fill their need for quality time.

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