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Three Best Yoga Poses For Sore Knees

Do you struggle with sore knees?  You are not alone!  Knee pain is a common issue and there are many things that cause discomfort such as; result of an injury, arthritis, gout, ligaments, issues with tendons and muscles, the list is long, and it can affect people of all ages, not just the elderly. Sore...

Trudy Vains on Apr 09, 2024
Dr Nick Fuller Explains The Secret Behind Interval Weight Loss For Life

What is interval Weight Loss? A scientifically proven plan to help a person prevent the weight regain that 95% of people experience when trying to lose weight. This is a translational piece of science to prevent the usual response to weight loss. We know that anyone can lose weight, irrespective of the weight loss or...

Dr Nick Fuller on Mar 24, 2024
Pilates Move Of The Week: Try The Cat-Cow

I’ve been quoted many times over the years saying, ‘It’s all about intensity!’ but sometimes it’s important to relax, open up the body and stretch. The cat-cow is a simple pilates exercise that goes between a back stretch and a back extension. It can decrease lower back pain and is a great tool in pilates...

Aaron Smith on Mar 24, 2024
Top Physio Tips: The 7 Steps To A Safe Lift

Most employees would rather pour lemon juice on their paper cuts than attend another occupational health and safety briefing. They complain that manual handling workshops are obvious and boring. People also seem to think a serious lifting injury won’t happen to them, despite the home providing just as many threats as the workplace. The stories...

Jason T Smith on Feb 17, 2024

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