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Pilates Move: Back to Basics With The Crunch

The crunch is one of the simplest and most basic abdominal exercises that aims to strengthen your Rectus Abdominus (six pack muscle). The basic movement here is flexion of the spine. As there are so many ways we can complicate our exercise regime, sometimes it’s great to just go back to basics. Starting position Lie...

Aaron Smith on Oct 14, 2021
The Self-Confidence Boosting Workout

Feeling like lockdown is getting on top of you? Or have a job interview, exam or another challenge coming up? If you need a boost to your sense of power and self-confidence, this is the perfect mini-workout! This quick and easy 10-minute routine designed by Sam Merza, the National Fitness Manager at Genesis Health + Fitness,...

The Carousel The Carousel has been verified by Muck Rack's editorial team on Oct 12, 2021
It’s No Longer Men’s Football Or Women’s Football – It’s Just Football

That’s right – it’s no longer men’s football, or women’s football – it’s just football, as the men’s, women’s and youth leagues are brought together under one unified ‘A-Leagues’ banner for the first time in Australia. Danny Townsend, managing director of the new A-Leagues brand, says it’s a very simple idea at its core: “We’re committed...

Pamela Connellan on Oct 06, 2021
Pilates: Lose Those Love Handles With The Corkscrew

The corkscrew is a modification of last weeks shoulder stand to build abdominal strength, in particular focusing on the side obliques. Your balance and body control are also highly tested. Again, make sure you’re on a mat or soft surface for this exercise to support your back and hips on the down phase. Starting position:...

Aaron Smith on Sep 30, 2021

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