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Yoga Girl Rachel Brathen And Her Perfectly Healthy Lifestyle

With over 1.4 million followers on Instagram and a photos tream of tropical snaps from all over the world, it’s clear to see that Rachel Brathen (aka @yoga_girl) is no ordinary yogi. She’s gone from discovering yoga in Costa Rica to teaching the practice against the most stunning backdrops of Europe and America, to becoming...

Iantha Yu on Sep 06, 2021
Celebrity trainer James Duigan: How To Get Leaner Legs

Celebrity trainer James Duigan says: “In my eyes, the word ‘lean’ doesn’t mean a body that’s gym-honed to within an inch of its life or one that’s scarily skinny. It means a body that’s just the right side of athletic.” Filmed exclusively for TheCarousel, follow James as he takes you through some simple exercises to...

James Duigan on Aug 28, 2021
The Ultimate At Home Workout You Can Do Without Leaving The Floor

Try this ultimate at home workout routine specially designed by fitness expert Ben Lucas. It can be easy to get lazy while stuck in a lengthy lockdown, but even if you feel the need to stay horizontal, there are still exercises that you can do. Try this workout. Part 1- Abs 16 x sit-ups 16...

Emeric Brard on Aug 27, 2021
Chair Yoga – Yep, It’s A Thing!

Chair yoga, or rather, practicing yoga in a chair, provides us with an amazing opportunity for to move, anywhere, at any time. In fact, I began my yoga journey when I was confined to a wheelchair in 2008. I only had movement in the upper half of my body. I actually even taught yoga from...

Trudy Vains on Aug 13, 2021

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