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Five Exercises Females Should Avoid

While we are ALL for gender equality here at The Carousel, we also have a firm grasp on reality and realise there are simply some things that men can do that women can’t, and vice versa. In particular, we are talking about exercise. There simply are some exercises that men can do that women should...

Shonagh Walker on Nov 20, 2023
Top Physio Tips: The 7 Steps To A Safe Lift

Most employees would rather pour lemon juice on their paper cuts than attend another occupational health and safety briefing. They complain that manual handling workshops are obvious and boring. People also seem to think a serious lifting injury won’t happen to them, despite the home providing just as many threats as the workplace. The stories...

Jason T Smith on Nov 04, 2023
6 Simple Ways to Incorporate More Exercise and Movement Into Your Day

Does it seem like the clock strikes bedtime each day before you even have time to consider working out? Staying fit while juggling career and family responsibilities isn’t easy. You need practical tips to get more exercise into your routine. Fortunately, hitting your activity goals is often a matter of making wiser choices. Here are...

Mia Barnes on Oct 27, 2023
How to Eat More Veggies And Ramp Up Energy in Your Diet with Olympic Runner Eloise Wellings

A common, age-old question when it comes to nutrition remains—Are we getting enough fruits and vegetables in our diets?  According to Nutrition Australia, Australians of all ages on average have a poor diet—which includes insufficient daily consumption of vegetables. In fact, only 4% of Australians eat their recommended amount of vegetables each day. This includes...

Bianca Spendlove on Oct 18, 2023

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