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Unlocking Savings With Jo Munro: The Savvy Shopaholic’s Insider Tips

Jo Munro’s excitement is palpable.  Her words accelerate.  She is very nearly salivating. “This is such a bargain,” she coos, her eyes set on some expensive skincare products.  She has paid less than a third of their price tag for them and living up to her reputation as a modern-day Robin Hood, she will now...

Lucy Broadbent on Mar 11, 2024
How To Pay For Your Designer Wardrobe

Fast forward a few years and I no longer wonder how I will afford that amazing designer piece. I more than fund those Champagne tastes and shopping now supports my lifestyle and my passion for all things designer. Seems too good to be true? Not something you could ever do? Wrong. The wonderful thing about...

Jo Munro on Feb 29, 2024
How I Made a Fortune From Being A Shopaholic

Yes, I truly am a shopaholic but not in a destructive way. I am a savvy shopper. Why savvy? I discovered a wonderful formula that allows me to focus all of the elements of my shopping prowess to actually make money instead of just maxing out credit cards on a regular basis. I used to...

Jo Munro on Feb 26, 2024
How To Make A More Sustainable Home

Fear not! IKEA has got your sustainable needs covered, offering affordable solutions that save you money at home where it counts most. It was the first in the world to introduce a dedicated Sustainability Shop in all IKEA stores, where customers can pick up inspiration and ideas to live a more sustainable life at home....

Emine Mehmet on Mar 27, 2023

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