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What Are The Most Reliable Cars In Australia?

When you’re buying a car, one of the most important factors is reliability. Let’s face it, no one wants to get stranded in the middle of nowhere, have to front up for bills they weren’t expecting or end up missing their best friend’s wedding because the car wouldn’t start. So, what’s the most reliable car...

Janelle Gonzalez on Jun 13, 2023
Why You Need To Check Your Spare Tyre

Be honest, when was the last time you checked your spare tyre? It’s not uncommon for people to leave them for years without being checked. However, even without being used, the tyre’s rubber will eventually break down and show signs of ageing and cracks can appear and affect the overall integrity of the tyre. It’s...

Janelle Gonzalez on Oct 25, 2022
5 Best Road Trips Through America

As travel habits have shifted in light of the COVID pandemic, many travellers are looking to hit the open road. Renting an RV and hopping between campgrounds offer a good way to holiday while maintaining social distance, and America is the perfect place for a scenic drive, with its abundance of parks and open space....

Alice Duthie on Jun 26, 2022
Trying To Find The Right Price For Your New Car? There’s A Website For That…

It’s often hard to know exactly what you should be paying for a new car but now there’s a car comparison website called PriceMyCar which gives you comparative prices for similar new cars in dealerships around Australia – and it’s free for the customer. Accessing this extra knowledge before you hit the car sales yards...

Pamela Connellan on Jun 22, 2022

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