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I Tried the JLo Facial and This Is What Happened

If there’s one thing Jennifer Lopez is known for (other than her ability to sing, act, dance, and rock a plunging floral Versace dress), it’s her luminous skin. So, when I found out that Clear Skincare had collaborated with Jenny From the Block to elevate their classic Hydrafacial with the JLo Beauty Booster, of course...

Marie-Antoinette Issa on Sep 04, 2023
Life Lessons According to an Original 90s Supermodel

The term “supermodel” might be used loosely, but glamorous Rachel Hunter really was one of the OG’s claiming the catwalk as her own during the heady heights of the 90. Today, the mellowed-out mum and new face of Essano reflects on real estate, rose hip oil and what she’s reading right now. Designer Darling to...

Marie-Antoinette Issa on Sep 04, 2023
Beauty, Business and Beyond: Life Lessons According To Trinny Woodall

From makeover expert and author to founder & CEO of one of the world’s biggest beauty brands, when it comes to careers, there aren’t many hats that Trinny Woodall has not worn.  And, so to celebrate the first episode of her Fearless podcast (the latest feather in her cap), we caught up with the entrepreneur...

Marie-Antoinette Issa on Aug 17, 2023
Why We Wanna Be Just Like Julianne Moore When We Grow Up

She’s been languishing on our screens for decades, but I fall more in love with her every time I see her. Besides all that glorious, glorious hair, Julianne Moore has a certain something which keeps us watching. So gorgeous, so respectable and so freaking sexy. She’s all class and never puts a foot wrong in...

Nedahl Stelio on Aug 14, 2023

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