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Seen The Tinder Swindler? Here’s 4 Books That Explore The Dangers Of Romance Scams

As we advance further into the digital age, we have seen romance scams become increasingly more common. With continued technological advancements, and the greater popularity of online dating apps, scammers are finding it easier than ever to deceive others into thinking they are in a real relationship before manipulating them into giving them money. Data...

Alice Duthie on Apr 09, 2024
5 Simple Tips For Keeping The Romance Alive

A new nationwide poll by eHarmony reveals that 96% of us agree that romance is vital for love to blossom, whether you’ve just started dating, or already in a relationship. What’s more, 47% of Aussies believe in love at first sight, 60% are convinced that ‘The One’ is out there somewhere, and 30% would like...

Alice Duthie on Jan 05, 2024
Your Most Compatible Partners By The Stars

Astrologer Hedy Demari explains who your most compatible partners by the stars are and gives an insight into your zodiac sign. Aries What the world needs now….is not another love song, some hot sex would do nicely though! You’re definitely more of a Harold Robbins than a Mills and Boone kind of person and being...

Hedy Damari on Dec 22, 2023
How To Snare The Object Of Your Desire

  Be daring if your lover is Aries Impressing an Aries isn’t exactly an easy feat; it requires courage, daring and confidence, so if you don’t have any to speak of, fake it or get some of the Dutch variety! Impulsiveness coupled with a “devil may care” kind of attitude is sure to intrigue a Ram...

Hedy Damari on Dec 19, 2023

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