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Is It Time To Get New Friends?

New friends may be easy to come by, but how do you know they’ll stick? What if your existing friends have been taking your for granted? Is it time to give them a shake up? If you’re feeling like Nelly no-mates of late, there are simple solutions, says Casey Beros, author of The ‘Bad’ Girl’s...

Shonagh Walker on Jun 13, 2021
5 Mind Shifts For Instant Happiness

Try these simple affirmations from Carmen Warrington, author of Today I Will… with an open mind and open heart and see if they work for you. #1. Claim your right to nurture yourself. Take a bubblebath, have a massage, cook yourself a special meal, read your favourite poetry, meditate, potter, or do something nice for yourself. Tell yourself...

Franki Hobson on Jun 05, 2021
Are You Micro-Cheating?

What seemingly harmless behaviours we all do or have done to us could actually be considered cheating? Millionaire Matchmaker and Dating and Relationship coach Louanne Ward shares how you could be cheating and not even know it? Find out the most toxic modern dating habits that could have your relationship on the verge of a breakdown. Could...

Louanne Ward on May 24, 2021
Turia Pitt’s Mother’s Day Message

Turia Pitt is one of the most wonderful, inspirational women I’ve had the pleasure to meet. I interviewed her a few years ago when she was the face of Avene sunscreen. We spoke for ages and she had me in stitches. She’s whip-smart, super-funny and has the heart of a lioness. Not to mention, her...

Shonagh Walker on May 08, 2021

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