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7 Lessons Netflix Show Bridgerton Teaches Us About Love

A dating expert’s take on the timeless adages we can take away from Netflix’s popular period drama series, Bridgerton.  Does love and romance like Daphne and Simon still exist?  Was love easier then or now?Is the reality of gossip, lies and scandal more entertaining than fiction? Bridgerton has millions of fan for its alluringly charming,...

Louanne Ward on Jan 24, 2023
Your Soulmate Destiny: The Simple Compatability Numerology Test

There is a reason this is one of our most popular stories. Who doesn’t want to discover their soulmate destiny? And if you can do it it with a simple Compatability Numerology Test even better. So let’s get started. To get your life path numbers simply add up your birthdate, for example: 17/08/1983. Would be:...

Alison Maiden on Jan 23, 2023
What Ted Lasso Teaches Us About Volunteering and Why It’s Good for Us

If ever there was a Ted Lasso move, raising funds at Thundergong! last weekend would have been it. The care and enthusiasm which Jason Sudeikis gave for the charity on a Kansas City stage were totally like Ted, the character he plays. But then audiences have come to expect little else of the creator and...

Lucy Broadbent on Jan 07, 2023
Learning To Love Midlife

When you say the word midlife, what’s the next word that immediately pops into your head? Is it crisis? I thought so… which just reinforces why midlife urgently needs a rebrand! ‘Midlife crisis’ was a turn of phrase coined by psychoanalyst Elliott Jaques in 1965 to describe the ‘trauma’ that many people felt when faced...

Angela Galloway on Dec 05, 2022

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