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Rare Green Comet Combined With February Full Moon: A Time For Growth…And Money Could Be On The Horizon!

A Green Comet not seen in the night sky since Neanderthal times is set to combine with February’s full moon… so make sure you’re looking to the skies from Sunday (February 5th) and expect “growth and development” to come your way.  The comet has a solar orbit of around 50,000 years, making it an incredibly rare spectacle....

Rose Smith on Feb 02, 2023
What 2023 Holds for You According to the Stars: It’s a Mixed Bag!

With the end of the year almost here – it’s time to look ahead to 2023 for your astrological outlook! Leading Australian intuitive astrologer and spiritualist Rose Smith is forecasting overall it will be a bit of a mixed bag for many of us… “2023 is a Universal 7 year and people will increasingly recognise...

Rose Smith on Dec 27, 2022
Don’t Miss The Last Full Moon For The Year

The Strawberry moon Signals Reflection but also celebration …. We’re in for a lunar treat on Thursday… with 2023’s final full moon rising in Gemini – encouraging all of us to reflect on the year that’s past, but then express ourselves and celebrate. While the full Strawberry Moon (December 8th) centres around reflection and looking...

Rose Smith on Dec 06, 2022
Don’t Miss Tuesday’s Rare Lunar Treat: Total Eclipse Coincides With Full Beaver Moon

We’re in for a lunar treat on Tuesday… with a rare total lunar eclipse (or ‘Blood Moon’) coinciding with November’s full ‘Beaver Moon’. Spiritually, we can expect cover ups and spilled secrets, and a warning – watch your finances! The total lunar eclipse is a result of the sun, earth, and moon aligning so the...

Rose Smith on Nov 08, 2022

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