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How Will A Solar Eclipse Coming Off A Total Lunar Eclipse Affect You?

Do you have a headache or neck pain this week? Feeling stressed and emotional? A Solar Eclipse coming off a total lunar eclipse might be why. This year’s only solar eclipse is on its way and, coupled with the recent total lunar eclipse, could be wreaking havoc on our bodies, hearts and minds. Eclipses work...

Rose Smith on Jun 07, 2021
Astro Mum: Gifts For Her Star Sign!

Flowers and brunch is always a winner but if you want to do something special for mum this Mother’s Day have a look at these gift ideas according to her star sign.  Aries March 21 – April 19 Daring, fearless and brimming with enthusiasm, Aries mums thrive on excitement. As the pioneers of the zodiac they...

Hedy Damari on May 08, 2021
A Pink Supermoon Is Coming: When, Why & What Does It Mean For You?

A pink supermoon will be gracing our skies next week… the first of only two extra big, extra bright supermoons this year.  The supermoon’s appearance on Tuesday, April 27th, will be visually impressive (despite it not actually being pink!), but it will also have some special flow on effects for our star signs.  A supermoon...

Rose Smith on Apr 21, 2021
Slimming Secrets For Your Star Sign!

I admit it. I’m your typical lazy Piscean who loathes exercise. Sure, I love the endorphin rush and sense of accomplishment once I’ve actually completed my fat burning but until the teleportation machine is invented, dragging my sorry butt to the gym will always seem like a chore. Unless you’re one of the blessed few...

Hedy Damari on Apr 10, 2021

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