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Your Soulmate Destiny: The Simple Compatability Numerology Test

There is a reason this is one of our most popular stories. Who doesn’t want to discover their soulmate destiny? And if you can do it it with a simple Compatability Numerology Test even better. So let’s get started. To get your life path numbers simply add up your birthdate, for example: 17/08/1983. Would be:...

Alison Maiden on Feb 17, 2024
Are you Psychic? 7 Psychic Abilities You Might Have

Everyone has psychic ability to some degree. From a simple “gut instinct” through to seeing future events you can develop your natural gifts through meditation, workshops and understanding the gifts you already have!  So which of the following most applies to you? Here are the seven psychic abilities: Clairvoyance Clear seeing: The ability to see...

Alison Maiden on Feb 17, 2024
What’s in Store for 2024: Leading Australian Psychic Shares Her Predictions

Leading Australian psychic Rose Smith has been busy working on her predictions for 2024 – and unfortunately, it’s going to be a challenging and unpredictable year for many of us, and more extreme weather is on the horizon. But some good news is in store for the Australian PM, for Prince Harry and Meghan, and...

Rose Smith on Feb 16, 2024
Your Horoscope Plus What The Wolf Moon Means For You

Astrologer Rose Smith says the first full moon of the year is a ‘Wolf Moon’ which equals fairness and tolerance for all. The year’s first Full Moon is set to fall on Australia’s national day… and the ‘Wolf Moon’ is set to teach us some valuable lessons about fairness and tolerance. In namesake the Wolf Moon’s origins...

Rose Smith on Jan 24, 2024

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