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110 Top Most Romantic Flicks EVER
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Apr 29, 2024

Want to live in your own rom-com? Why not visit these famous rom-com locations?

The Notebook – North Carolina

We’ve all heard of The Notebook, and probably cried over the ending. Why not experience your own Notebook moments? You’ll have to plan your trip around the weather if you’re after that kiss in the rain though… If you want to go to the same movie theatre that young Noah & Allie went too, then get to the newly renovated but still open American Theatre, 446 King Street in Charleston. After recreating your own boat scene? Simple, head to Charleston Powerboat Rentals — Charleston Powerboat Rentals and find a small boat you’d like to spend the day on, granted it might not be the small wooden boat Noah paddled Allie out in, but it’ll certainly be a day to remember with stunning scenery all around, and who wants to paddle when you’re trying to be romantic anyway? You can visit Cypress Gardens, 3030 Cypress Gardens Road where the actual scene was filmed, however you won’t find the geese there, they were trained and brought in for the movie. Take a day trip to Madmalaw and visit the iconic house that Noah renovated Martins Point Plantation, Martins Point Road, Wadmalaw Island however this is now a private home, so a quick walk past is recommended to not disturb the residents! The moment Noah sees Allie again years later in a restaurant is at  High Cotton, 199 East Bay Street, Charleston, where you can dine for yourself.

Mr & Mrs Smith – LA

Hopefully heading to LA to experience moments that Angelina & Brad created for the film Mr & Mrs Smith won’t bring to life any hidden secrets, and definitely not that you and your partner are undercover agents, but just amazing memories and LA vibes. The film was made almost entirely in Los Angeles, a city filled with true American culture, celebrities and even better sunsets. The initial courtship of Smiths-to-be John and Jane (Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie) in ‘Bogota’ Is rather more convincing than the evocation of the US east coast – but it’s still Los Angeles: the lobby of the hotel where they stay is downtown, and its courtyard is on Olvera Street in the city’s historic core where you can experience the magic yourself. That perfect mansion where their love was magical until they absolutely trashed it during the end of the movie can be seen at 1565 San Pasqual Street in Pasadena. The café in which John Smith and Eddie mull over what might have gone wrong, is an old favourite. It’s the Quality Coffee Shop, 1238 West Seventh Street, downtown LA, whilst you’re there head to the elegant restaurant in which John unexpectedly reappears and their cartoonish battle to the death – or to enthusiastic make-up loving begins. It’s Cicada, Oviatt Building, 617 South Olive Street downtown LA. Staying in downtown LA must be at The motel in which Benjamin reveals the real set-up after being spring from his cell is the Motel de Ville, 1123 West Seventh Street at South Bixel Street.


Notting Hill – London

Has the twists and turns of Notting Hill’s love story, left you wondering what the romance would feel like in real life? Head to London, and experience some of the most famous moments in rom-com history. The blue door in Notting Hill must be one of the most famous British film locations ever to grace the screen. Who could have predicted that? Visit the iconic blue door and why not get a picture outside at 280 Westbourne Park Rd, W11. One of the most popular attractions is Portobello Road Market which is the beating heart of the films set and culture. On weekdays, locals buy fruit and veg here. Second-hand goods are included on Friday but on Saturdays the road is packed for the famous antiques stalls. The real ‘Travel Book Shop’ which is where William was established was forced to shut down in 2011, but has since reopened as The Notting Hill Bookshop, at 13 Blenheim Crescent and is an absolute must visit. William and Anna enjoy a meal at Nobu, 19 Old Park Lane, the dizzyingly expensive Japanese restaurant of the Como Metropolitan Hotel, Old Park Lane, W1, expensive taste but a dinner to remember. Anna Scott stays at the Ritz Hotel, 150 Piccadilly, W1, one of the most luxury hotels in London, so if staying is off the cards, a fancy drink or classic afternoon tea may be in order to see its beauty.

notting hill

The Love Punch – France

When you divorce, you don’t imagine falling back in love, especially not in France. So maybe this rom-com is for a divorced couple who are rekindling…. or just simply a couple who loved the film, no judgement here. Beginning in the UK and ending up having to rush to France in a bid to recover their losses from a robber, Kate and Richard (Emma Thomson & Pierce Brosnan) head to Paris & The French Riviera. The pair confusingly end up bouncing down the stairs on Rue de la Manutention in their little red car, the perfect place for you to get a picture and imagine the moment and be glad you aren’t in that car right now! The streets they speed through are around Rue du Pont Louis-Philippe 1, where there is picture perfect Café’s for a coffee & croissant to set you up for the day, and of course visit the Eiffel tower as any tourist should do. The couple make their way to Port Palm Beach 1, Cannes, a stunning Marina where you should have some French seafood to set the scene. The wedding of Vincent Kruger who has the diamond they want is held at Le Château de Ferrières | Réceptions Evenements Banquets Séminaires ( where you’ll get to experience a French chateau like no other, incredible doesn’t cut it for this one. The couple visit at Bienvenue au Carlton Cannes, l’icône de la Riviera | Site Officiel where you can experience some real French luxury as you begin to realise your ex-husband may still be for you… or not of course.


Forgetting Sarah Marshall – Hawaii

Hawaii, a magical getaway located in the USA yet miles apart from American culture is an island worth the visit and made better with the movie set of the teen rom-com Forgetting Sarah Marshall. Set in the picturesque scenery of Oahu, although not the largest of the Hawaiian islands, is the most developed, and it’s where you’ll find state capital Honolulu, with major attractions such as Waikiki Beach and Pearl Harbour. The resort to which heartbroken Peter Bretter (Segel) retreats to recover from his bust-up with TV celeb Sarah Marshall (Kristen Bell), is up on the quieter North Shore. It’s Turtle Bay Resort, 57-091 Kamehameha Highway, Kahuku, on the very tip of the North Shore.


Other spots you’ll want to visit are the dramatic coastline at Laie Point, which is where Peter leaps from the 30-foot cliffs on the northwest coast, the white sandy beaches of Keawa’ula Bay to the west, and Mokuleia Beach on the northeast.

Oahu’s North Shore boasts some of the world’s best surf beaches, and the surfing scenes were staged on the breathtaking shores of Haleiwa in Waialua Bay, so you’ll have to grab a surfboard and try for yourself.


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