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Olwen Haslam And The Story Of Sun, Sand and Love In The Sahara Desert

Following a BOAC plane crash in May, 1952, two pilgrimages were made to the Sahara desert to remember those who bravely battled to stay alive in the fierce heat. Thirty years ago, Today newspaper editor Martin Dunn assigned photographer David Hill and I to accompany British widow Olwen Haslam on what was her first trip...

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How to Decorate a Rental (Without Your Landlord Freaking Out)

Renting? Sometimes it feels like you’re constantly waving your interior design dreams goodbye, doesn’t it? You’re just trying to figure out how to decorate your rental, but every idea you have is a main character in your landlord’s worst nightmares (paint, nails, and holes in the wall). Despite what your landlord may have you believe,...

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The Essential Book Lovers’ Guide To Must-Read Fiction

There was a long list of strong women’s fiction published last year, and this year is shaping up to be equally as good. The Golden Child from Wendy James is popular, as is Pond by Claire-Louise Bennett. Also Who’s Afraid Too? by Maria Lewis, the sequel to her 2016 debut and two collections of stories to look out...

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Astro Parenting: What Type Of Parent Are You? Fire, Earth, Air Or Water?

Some star signs get along with the greatest of ease while others require effort. A little astro knowledge will help you to understand your child, making it easier to navigate problems and build bridges. Unearthing your star combination’s strengths and weaknesses via your respective star element will help you to overcome any possible challenges.  Astro...

Hedy Damari on Sep 15, 2021

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