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The Real Benefits Of Fasting

“After reviewing the research, I have come to the conclusion that short-term intermittent fasting was not only an effective and easy way to lose unwanted body fat, but it was also associated with many amazing health benefits.” Dr. Brad Pilon In dozens of peer-reviewed scientific studies, short-term intermittent fasting has been found to have the...

Jaymes Gleeson on May 19, 2024
When Good Intentions Go Bad

Jaymes Gleeson takes a closer look at political correctness, plus size models & medals for everyone We are living through the slow motion detonation of unintended consequences. The shocking racism, misogyny, sexual harassment and “fat shaming” of previous generations was in dire need of redress, but the cure of political correctness has spawned unimaginable problems...

Jaymes Gleeson on May 17, 2024
Mind And Exercise And Why We Should Look Back To The Ancient Greeks

We are physical beings, and that physicality should not be seen in dualistic isolation from the self that we think we are: the thinking self. This is an idea that goes all the way back to the Greek philosopher Plato: the mind as ‘the true self’, with flesh consigned to lower status. A learned colleague...

Jaymes Gleeson on May 14, 2024
Struggling To Find ‘The One’? Discover Your Female Archetype

So you’ve looked under every rock but just can’t find a great guy who listens attentively, while simultaneously cleaning the house and pumping a few weights… Yes, about that ‘partner checklist’…  OK that may be an exaggeration, as most of women would agree that the reason for ‘singledom’ isn’t because of some unrealistic checklist but...

Franki Hobson on May 01, 2024

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Wellness & Health

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