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The War On Waste – We All Play A Part In The Problem, Could A New Aussie Product Play A Part In The Solution?

In Australia, 7.6 million tonnes of food goes to landfill each year. Tragically, 70% of this food is still perfectly edible. A horrible statistic for a country like Australia where food scarcity is a growing problem. 1 in 6 adults haven’t had enough to eat in the last year, with 2 million children going hungry during...

Alice Duthie on Nov 09, 2022
Tips On Eco-Beauty Shopping From The Brands Trailblazing Sustainability

For a sector focused on making everything aesthetically pleasing, the beauty industry is rife with some very unbecoming sustainability issues. The degradation of forests and agricultural land for raw materials like palm oil, the use of toxic chemicals that are wiping out marine life as they make their way into our water systems, animal testing...

Ilona Marchetta on Nov 07, 2022
Melbourne Fashion Week Kicks Off With Call To Be More Sustainable

As Melbourne Fashion Week kicks off (10-16 October), a new report by Monash University’s Sustainable Development Institute (MSDI) is calling for the Australian government and fashion industry to reduce its significant fashion footprint and demonstrate global leadership in sustainable practices by prioritising planetary and human health.  Developed by MSDI’s Circular Economy Textiles team, the ‘Textiles:...

Alice Duthie on Oct 11, 2022
Fiji Takes Green To A New Level This World Tourism Day

This World Tourism Day, celebrated annually on 27 September, Fiji joins UNWTO in highlighting the opportunity to rethink how we approach tourism as an industry, putting people and the planet first and looking to the future to strengthen our social, cultural, economic and environmental impacts. Fiji’s 333 pristine islands and untouched reefs are not only...

Alice Duthie on Sep 28, 2022

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At The Carousel we believe wholeheartedly in leading a sustainable life. So what does this mean?  Sustainability is most often defined as meeting the needs of the present without compromising the ability of future generations to meet theirs. It has three main pillars: economic, environmental, and social. These three pillars are informally referred to as people, planet and profits. Let’s all help safeguard this beautiful planet we share for now and for the future.

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