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Reiki For Pets

Reiki for pets? Yes, it’s a thing. Our resident Reiki master and Yogini, Trudy Vains, explains how this ancient energy healing can benefit our beloved fur family members. What is Reiki? Reiki is an ancient Japanese healing practice that involves the channelling of a natural healing energy from the divine universe to whoever or whatever...

Trudy Vains on Apr 20, 2024
29 Amazing Animal Facts That Will Surprise You

It’s easy to be spellbound by animal life – take these 29 amazing facts about animals that are interesting, weird, and cool. And if you love this, then check out our story on amazing facts about pets.  One species of jellyfish is immortal. It can revert back to its child state after having become sexually mature, and therefore never dies. 1....

Victoria Webster on Feb 17, 2024
Five Things Your Pet Knows About You

Your pet is more than just an animal that lives in your home. For those of you who love animals, your pet is likely your best friend and confidant (after all, who else can you 100 percent trust never to spill your secrets?). Whether dog, cat, lizard or bird, when we create a bond with...

Shonagh Walker on Dec 21, 2023
Why Cats Hate You

Cats make an ideal family pet. In fact, a recent study by Purina Fancy Feast revealed that more than half (53 percent) of Australian cat owners admit their feline BF “completes them”. Which is completely understandable – they’re low maintenance pets, great company and good for a cuddle … most of the time. Sometimes, cat behaviour can...

Shonagh Walker on Dec 19, 2023

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Shonagh Walker on Jun 17, 2021


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