Wear White Again Campaign: ‘I Now Pose Nude For Art Classes!’

Mary-Ann Marriott for Wear White Again: ‘I Now Pose Nude For Art Classes!’

Sarah Harris

May 09, 2017

At her lowest ebb, mum-of-two Mary-Ann Marriott says her crippling periods got so bad that she was once rushed to hospital in an ambulance and bed-ridden for a month.

Constantly depressed and battling persistent migraines, a despondent Mary-Ann was told at the age of 30 that a hysterectomy was her only remedy.

“I just didn’t want to think about that at that age,” mum-of-two Mary-Ann tells host Sarah Harris in the latest instalment of our Wear White Again campaign.

“I was too young so really I wanted to try everything so I could avoid having a hysterectomy at the end of the day.

“I’d had D&C’s [a dilation and curettage], and various other procedures, but the endometrial ablation was amazing. I was blown away, especially for the first six months to a year; my periods were basically normal.

“It certainly gave me a new lease on life, and made me realise I’m not defective. I’m human and I could think about doing things that I couldn’t when I was younger.”

Mary ann Marriott says that the endometrial ablation gave her a new lease on life.
Mary ann Marriott says that the endometrial ablation gave her a new lease on life. Now she poses nude for art classes.

The transformation has been so dramatic that the 48-year-old grandmother now life models – poses nude for art classes.

“That’s been liberating, as a woman, because I still have my periods, and I still life model!

“I’m sure I speak for other women who have had these issues as well. It doesn’t have to define you.

“We just have to make sure that we don’t hold shame and embarrassment; that we go to our doctors because we don’t have to suffer in silence and give up our quality of life.”

Need to know:

An endometrial ablation is ONLY suitable for women who don’t want any more children. It is very important to prevent pregnancy after an ablation (you can still fall pregnant) because the pregnancy would be very high risk.

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