Wear White Again Campaign: ‘I Want To Control My Period, Not Have It Control Me’

Ashleigh Atkinson is speaking for Wear White Again Campaign

Sarah Harris

May 02, 2017

Young Melbourne mum-of-one Ashleigh Atkinson, 31, shudders at the thought of any teen going through the same trauma she did at high school.

That’s why the brave bullying victim has come forward to share her heartbreaking story with Sarah Harris, host of our new Wear White Again video campaign.

Ashleigh admits that one of her lowest points came at just 17 when she stood up in class and was mortified to discover that her school uniform was soaked with blood due to her heavy periods.

Her confidence shattered, her attendance suffered and so did her grades; her condition eventually costing her any chance of passing her Victorian Certificate of Education.

Ashleigh, who was subsequently diagnosed with endometriosis, admits being prescribed the contraceptive pill gave her initial relief, but it played havoc with her overall health.

“I was then given a Merina post the birth of my son [Flynn] and that stopped my periods completely for four years which was life-changing for me,” says Ashleigh.

Ashleigh Atkinson sharing her story with Sarah Harris
Ashleigh Atkinson sharing her story with Sarah Harris

“But unfortunately, that did not help the symptoms of my endometriosis so I’m now back to the drawing board a little bit.”

Ashleigh says a hysterectomy, or an endometrial ablation, is definitely an option for her in the near future: “I’d like to control my period and not have it control me.”

She already feels blessed that she has Flynn to love, and now also the chance to help others on Wear White Again.

“There are so many young, or late teens, who are probably going through the same thing, and still not feeling like they have the freedom to talk about it,” she tells Sarah.

“[Mums should] Always be open to these types of conversations with your daughter. Go to the doctor, ask as many questions that you need to, and don’t settle for what a GP says; get that referral, see a gynaecologist, seek further help.”

This is a sponsored post by Wear White Again. All opinions expressed by the author are authentic and written in their own words.

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