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Wear White Again Campaign: ‘This Procedure Has Opened Up The World To Me!’

Sue O'Gardy from Wear White Again, speaking about the endometrial ablation

Brisbane mum-of-three Sue O’Grady admits that 20 humiliating years went by before she was confident enough to wear white again.

She tells host Sarah Harris in the latest instalment of our Women Wear White Again campaign that her crippling periods got so bad that she could never leave the house.

“I got to the point where I wouldn’t go anywhere – it was always just in case of having that accident,” the 50-year-old tells Sarah.

“I was at the point of sleeping with towels on the bed; with double pads – maternity pads on – and it would still leak.”

The first time she went to her GP desperate for a solution she was told to simply take pain-killers and that she would “just have to deal with it”.

“Once I got the gushing I thought, ‘this can’t be normal’ so I went back to him again and that’s when he sent me to the gynaecologist.”

She was given three treatment options; a Mirena, a hysterectomy or a endometrial ablation.

Sue O’Grady with her husband and TV presenter Sarah Harris
Wear White Again Campaign -Sue O’Grady and her husband with TV presenter Sarah Harris

After chatting it over with her husband, she says the latter was an easy choice.

The minimally invasive five-minute procedure removes the lining of the uterus, giving 90% of recipients much-needed relief from an often-crippling condition.

“It’s just opened up the world to me,” says Sue, who is sharing her story to help other women who may be experiencing similar symptoms.

“It doesn’t matter what time of the month it is I can still go and do things. I’m not frightened of having an accident.”

Need to know:

An endometrial ablation is ONLY suitable for women who don’t want any more children. It is very important to prevent pregnancy after an ablation (you can still fall pregnant) because the pregnancy would be very high risk.


This is a sponsored post by Wear White Again. All opinions expressed by the author are authentic and written in their own words.

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Before moving to Network 10, she worked at Channel Nine as the network’s go to reporter: delivering extended live coverage from Victoria’s Black Saturday bushfires, the Christchurch earthquake and Queensland’s devastating floods in 2011.

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