Secrets Revealed, Fiery Arguments And Big Risks: What October’s Emotionally Charged Full Pink Moon Means For You

Rose Smith


Oct 22, 2022

October’s full Pink Moon is almost here… and while it will be visually impressive (although not actually pink!), we can expect fiery spiritual ramifications with secrets set to be revealed, heated arguments and big risk-taking ventures on their way.

Monday’s full moon (October 10th) will be in Aries – and the bold, brash and risk-taking star sign will translate to a lot of people “acting before thinking”.

Things could really blow up… you can expect big arguments about small things. Something on the surface that appears unimportant is going to cause a lot of friction. Imagine a personality like a bushfire, once it starts you can’t stop it!

While Aries is also creative and daring, the sign can burn too brightly with tempers running hot. This is going to be a very emotionally charged time.

Also be cautious at this time with your skeletons in the closet… the emotional charge of this full moon could result in our innermost secrets and desires being revealed – to people we don’t necessarily want to know these things.

There could be potential relationship breakups – and nasty ones! We need Pisceans and other water signs Cancer and Scorpio to throw water on argumentative flames.

Aries is also a cardinal mode sign, and while we will all feel the effects of this full moon to some extent, the other cardinal signs Cancer, Libra and Capricorn will also be strongly affected.

Cardinal signs are very good at initiating new beginnings and getting new projects going, they’re not so good at carrying them through to completion.

It’s a good time to focus on inner work, meditate, work on resolving small things in yourself… rather than focusing on big tasks you know you won’t finish. It’s also a great time to start new beginnings whether they be new projects, new relationships or whatever.

Although the full Pink Moon won’t actually be “pink” in colour, in the southern hemisphere, it was once known by early Australian settlers as the Pink Moon because it signified the arrival of the first Spring flowers.

This moon will also be the first full moon after the September Equinox – which marks the start of Spring in the southern hemisphere.

Spring is a great time for gratitude and appreciation for what nature has provided.

There is fresh, magical energy in the air at the moment and it’s a chance for spiritual growth and goal setting.

In the northern hemisphere, October’s full moon is called the Hunter’s Moon to mark the end of harvest season and the hunting that was done during this time of year. Hunters would use the light of the moon to track down game and stock up for the coming winter.

Later this month, we can expect more spiritual effects from a partial solar eclipse (October 25th) in Scorpio. Although we won’t see it in Australia, fixed mode signs Taurus, Leo, Scorpio and Aquarius will feel its effects most strongly and they can last up to six months.

An eclipse is always like a full moon but on steroids, so there’s amplified energy, and a solar eclipse often manifests in the physical domain. So real concrete things can happen, especially those involving new beginnings.

It’s a time when the moon goes dark, and it’s the beginning of a new cycle. As Scorpio is a water sign, it’s important to take special care of your emotions because there will be logical consequences to your actions.

Take the edge off your feelings by expressing yourself in a healthy way. Action is likely to be taken now, and you might generally feel a connection with men or your father. Authority figures might feature more.

Dealing with emotional undercurrents could be difficult so be careful not to respond with rigidity and high expectations about what ‘should be’.

You might think you know what’s happening, however changes are likely where things can be taken away or minimised in some way. It’s probably a good time to downsize, clean out your wardrobe or change your diet.

A lot of planets will be in Scorpio in October so it’s a very emotional, deep, compelling and magnetic time when more secrets could be revealed in various areas of life.

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Ms Smith’s Full Pink Moon horoscopes:

ARIES: March 21 – April 19 Your Star Sign Predictions For February 2018

Aries: The full moon is in your sign which means you’ll probably be strongly affected by bold, spontaneous feelings. However, do watch for emotional outbursts and impulsivity. Brain should be in gear before you speak so take a deep breath before communicating to avoid potential issues. On the upside, you’ll probably express how you really feel by being quite direct and honest. You may start some new projects, however, think first about what is actually required of you and get all your ducks in their respective rows. Impatient to get going on things likely requires some planning first.  Energetic or impulsive feelings about changing your appearance, identity or beliefs could come up.

TAURUS: April 20 – May 20 Your Star Sign Predictions For February 2018

Taurus:  The full moon is in your house of the subconscious, so it’s a great time for time out and inner reflection. Look at your dreams and those small ‘flashes’ you may get in the daytime that you probably don’t pay attention to. There are likely spiritual messages for you and some spiritual healing could help. It’s not a good time for getting things done so maybe don’t take on anything else for a few days. Try to relax now. In relationships, there may be a tendency to dig your toes in and not change something when a bit of compromise would serve you better.

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Gemini:  It’s a great time for spontaneous get togethers with friends or groups, you could have a really good time… or perhaps not if you’re overly impulsive or a bit careless. Arguments are possible but, on the upside, you may do things with friends or associates that you normally wouldn’t consider. You could be feeling rather brave, active or pioneering in some way that involves other people. Perhaps you feel like acting on your hopes and dreams, even if there’s a bit of initial turbulence. Your passion meter is probably off the charts now too, so you may consider a new friendship or romance. You could possibly meet someone special through friends or connections.

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Cancer:  It’s a great time for improving your career, reputation or status. Your career may be in the public eye now. You could be working very well with the public showing care and consideration which gets you noticed. You can probably sense the general mood of not only those around you, but also your greater community as well. This full moon is making a hard aspect to Venus, so do watch relationships with parents or authority figures… go carefully here as sometimes dear Cancer, you go where angels fear to tread. Your care and consideration for others should keep you out of trouble in terms of arguments if you can be a little cautious and restrained.

LEO: July 23 – Aug 22 Your Star Sign Predictions For February 2018

Leo:  Matters of travel may come into your mind. Perhaps you’re thinking about going off somewhere or memories of previous travels come up. These can help you to understand where people from different cultures are coming from. You may feel the need to bring expansion and excitement into your life either through study, spirituality or associating with people who are quite different to you.  It’s time to allow yourself a bit of leeway to wander off to exotic or interesting locales. This could complicate your personal or professional life so maybe you can do a small ‘taster’ as a sample or trial first?

VIRGO: Aug 23 – Sept 22 Your Star Sign Predictions For February 2018

Virgo:  Your shared resources such as tax, real estate, superannuation and other joint assets are the focus this full moon. It’s a good idea not to make important decisions too quickly when a fair bit of research and planning are actually required. Legalities and taking care of business is vital and anything you may have to do with wills or inheritances needs special care. Deeper levels of intimacy and the energy you share with another special person are also highlighted. There’s likely more passion but equally, arguments or conflict could be on the cards. Go slowly and carefully with both your own feelings and the feelings of another now.

LIBRA: Sept 23 – Oct 22 Your Star Sign Predictions For January 2018

Libra:  Emotional upsets are possible in close committed relationships, however this time you’re likely to handle such conflicts better than previously. You can be rather stoic when you have to be so you can avoid throwing more fuel onto a burning fire if someone is upset. The reality is there’s a deeper cause for this upset which has little to do with you! So, stay calm and take a deep breath. On the positive side, something good could come out of such conflicts and you’ll be in a better position than previously. Women may be especially important to you now. You could have a good sense of equilibrium even if something untoward does happen – you take it in your stride.

SCORPIO: Oct 23 – Nov 21 Your Star Sign Predictions For January 2018

Scorpio:  Through your daily work or routine, you meet someone who needs your help in some way. You’re likely to be quite giving and instinctively reach out to assist. Sometimes you may do this without really thinking first, so just be careful not to sacrifice too much of your time or energy before really considering all factors. You could be quite efficient at work even if there are upsets or turmoil going on around you. It is you who, in some sense, can keep balance on a ‘ship of fools’ so to speak. If you feel yourself being drawn into trauma and drama, put an imaginary bubble of peace around you and get on to do your thing.

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Sagittarius: This full moon could ignite your passions in all sorts of ways. Creatively, you may feel quite inspired and motivated to make your ideas physical. It’s also a time of fertility! You may have more to do with children or perhaps it’s your inner child who wants to come out and play. You could be more emotionally expressive than usual, particularly where women are concerned. It’s a great time for leisure and pleasure, entertainment or meeting new people spontaneously. Go out, have some fun… you never know who you might meet. Romance could be on the cards too if you’re looking and willing!

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Capricorn:  Home and family could be the centre of your attention now. You may also be thinking about memories from the past… where you grew up or the school you went to. Your childhood can lay down lifelong patterns, so it’s a good time to ask yourself ‘are these patterns serving me now?’  You may find there are various issues still outstanding with family members, particularly women. It’s a great time to have some quiet time at home. Privacy could be more important to you than usual and you could need a ‘sanctuary of sorts’ away from family issues. You could also wish to make your home more comfortable in some way or perhaps you’re thinking of relocating to a quieter area?

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Aquarius: You’re more likely to be in touch with your feelings and intuition now and you could make decisions based on those feelings. That’s ok, do remember however if they are important decisions or involve money… it’s best to use some logic and analytical ability to factor into the mix. It could be a busy active time with lots of communications going back and forth. If you’re in business, you may be involved with marketing and promotions, so do look at the data. Some field of study could also be on your mind. You may hear something about distant family members such as cousins or siblings, especially those you haven’t heard from in a while.

Pisces: March 21 - April 19 Your Weekly Star Sign Predictions

Pisces:  You could be attracted to collecting things… or your possessions could give you a feeling of stability. Antiques or things associated with the past could also be more important now. Your money also features strongly, and you could feel a sense of financial turbulence or the things you value. Take a deep breath and look at your self-worth first! You can probably improve this, and this could have important flow on effects to your finances. Reflect deeply upon your ‘deservability’. Old thought patterns may influence you to think that you’re not worthy of having sufficient funds to fund your life in the way you would like. When in reality, you are worthy!

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By Rose Smith


Rose Smith is a leading Australian spiritualist with more than 20 years’ professional experience working as a psychic, spiritual healer and teacher, and intuitive astrologer. Rose currently runs Absolute Soul Secrets.



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