The Big Blue Table Urges Everyone To Speak Up

The Big Blue Table Urges Everyone To Speak Up | The Carousel
Mary Grace Sahagun

Lifestyle Writer

Oct 05, 2022

As part of their new campaign called the Big Blue Table, Beyond Blue is urging individuals to take some time to check in on their mental health while enjoying dinner with their loved ones and friends.

The Big Blue Table Urges Everyone To Speak Up | The Carousel

Beyond Blue: Big Blue Table

People from all around the country are starting to become engaged with the Big Blue Table. People are getting together for various activities in order to combat the stigma that is associated with mental health, such as having a picnic, lunch at work, or supper with their families. This year, they also have two of Australia’s most prominent foodies aboard — and one of them is Julie Goodwin.

Julie Goodwin shares her thought regarding her involvement in The Big Blue Table for Beyond Blue:

“Choosing to partner with Beyond Blue was a simple choice. I was keen to give back to my community and partner with a charity that helps people experiencing mental health issues. Given my personal experience struggling with my mental health, I know the importance of reducing stigma and breaking down barriers that prevent people seeking help, and I want to play a part in helping others.”

“Like most Australians, she had heard of the work that Beyond Blue does but I wasn’t aware of the full extent of its support services. “When looking into mental health focused charities, I learnt more about Beyond Blue’s 24/7 support service and I thought it was just extraordinary,” she said. “The scope of work it does is incredible. It made getting involved a no-brainer for me. I was actually about to reach out to Beyond Blue to ask how I could be involved in their organisation, but they beat me to it and asked me to be a Big Blue Table ambassador before I got the chance – it was meant to be!”

The Big Blue Table project is the first dedicated fundraiser that Beyond Blue has ever held. The premise is straightforward: individuals register to organize a meal at which they generate funds for the Beyond Blue Support Service and discuss mental health.

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By Mary Grace Sahagun

Lifestyle Writer

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