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Emma Grant Louise narrates A River Divided Audiobook
Giulia Sirignani


Oct 06, 2022

Listening to our path to extinction has never been more thrilling.

Buckle-up with A River Divided for an epic journey through love, loss, genetic endowment and species extinction – the species being us humans! 

Including all the pace and twists of a Dan Brown novel, George Paxinos has just released the audiobook version of his book ‘A River Divided’ narrated by Emma Grant Williams.

Author of A River Divided, Professor George Paxinos

“To hear the story of how two men, twins unknown to each other who share the same genetic material but have chosen radically diverse paths in how to make an impact on our planet, felt like listening to movements in a symphony. The drums rolled and the cymbals clashed. It brought a whole new level to my words and story,” says world renowned neuroscientist and author of the gripping eco-fiction novel A River Divided, Professor George Paxinos. 

Professor at Neuroscience Research Australia and Uni of New South Wales, George has mapped more parts of the brain than any other person in history. His “brain atlases” assist scientists in understanding human behaviour, feelings and emotions which places George perfectly to pose the searing questions of our time. 

“The book asks us to find out who we are and confront the lies we tell ourselves including the myth that human beings have freedom of choice,” says George. “As different artists sculpt different statues from the same block of marble, different environments produce different characters, even in identical twins.”

Listen to a few minutes of the audiobook here

Over 11 hours and 19 minutes, the audible version of A River Divided captivates while exploring what are the limits of science and the brain and while asking if there can be consilience between humans and nature.

“George takes us on a global journey from the universal to the microscopic, through love and loss, discovery and responsibility in his eco-science fiction tale. Told with empathy through the eyes of multiple characters, this is a story to keep you on the edge of your seat, and also sitting back to pause over its implications,” says David Stokes who produced the audiobook. 

Actor and Presenter Emma Grant Williams performed 36 voices in her beautifully nuanced narration of Professor Paxinos’s narrative. 

“It’s a work of such great intelligence and insight. I was aware that I was interpreting characters whose roles had been artfully interwoven to tell the story for our times. It was a pleasure giving voice to A River Divided,” says Emma. 

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