Kamalaya’s Karina Stewart’s 3 Tips To Be The Driving Force Of Your Own Life

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Feb 06, 2023

For many of us, taking care of our health is a constant challenge as we battle with the daily stresses of life. But according to health expert Karina Stewart, it comes down to following some basic healthy practices.

Karina Stewart - Founder & Chief Wellness Officer
Karina Stewart – Founder & Chief Wellness Officer at Kamalaya in Koh Samui

The co-founder of the legendary Kamalaya Wellness Sanctuary & Holistic Spa believes there are three simple rituals to follow to keep your health on track.


Kamalaya Detox
Credit: Kamalaya Lifestyle and Wellness Retreat

They include slowing down, developing breathing practices and spending more time in nature with your loved ones.

“The first thing is to be prepared to slow down, to pause, and to assess where you are actually at,” says Karina, who is a Master of Traditional Chinese Medicine. “If you’re not willing to slow down in order to assess or have the clarity of mind and perspective to properly evaluate where you’re at, then I think it’s difficult to make profound and lasting changes.”

power of the breath

Another tip to be the driving force of your own life is to develop a breathing practice.

“A breathing practice will help you have clarity and be able to move your nervous system from fight, flight, freeze to engage, heal, digest, and optimise,” adds Karina. “With our nervous system, we need to be able to move back and forth between these two modes and for many people under chronic stress, the nervous system gets stuck in the fight or flight mode.”

walk in the park

Walking in the park, swimming in the sea, and enjoying the great outdoors with friends and family on a regular basis will also make a positive impact on improving your health.

“Spending more time in nature with those who you love the most will benefit your health,” says Karina. “These things will have the biggest impact in bringing you back into the driver seat of your life.”


Kamalaya as a multi-award winning wellness sanctuary and holistic spa on the tropical southern coastline of Koh Samui offering inspired healthy cuisine alongside a choice of tailored wellness programmes including detox, weight loss, stress & burnout, sleep and personalised yoga.

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You can watch the full interview with Karina Stewart below.


By Robyn Foyster Robyn Foyster has been verified by Muck Rack's editorial team


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