Peta Shulman’s 5 Top Wellness Tips

Goodnessmebox Founder Peta Shulman's 5 Top Wellness Tips
Victoria Webster

Sep 16, 2023

Have you ever wondered how the health and wellness gurus of the world came to be?

More often than not, it is because they have had their own health struggles, which have taught them how to take care of themselves, and from there, others. Such is the case with Goodnessme Box founder Peta Shulman.

Goodnessmebox founder Peta Shulman knows how to eat well
Goodnessmebox founder Peta Shulman knows how to eat well

The box itself epitomises all it is to be healthy. It encourages people to eat clean, nourish their body with pure whole foods, and join the wellness revolution.

The creator of such a healthy and holistic product, must surely be the picture perfect image of wellbeing?

5 Health and Wellness Must-Do's 2

Not quite. In 2010 Peta found herself bed-ridden for three months with barely enough energy to walk to the kitchen. Desperately fatigued, suffering from constant headaches, muscle aches and heavy limbs, Peta was diagnosed with an autoimmune condition.

These difficulties prompted her to prioritise her wellbeing above all else, and learn all the best tips and tricks to make her feel her absolute best. Luckily for us, she has shared her wisdom with The Carousel.

Healthy diet, health you
Healthy diet, health you

5 Health and Wellness Must-Do’s

1. 8 hours sleep – sleep is absolutely critical to my overall health and wellness. My body is susceptible to getting run down easily. I find if I take the time to replenish and recharge it makes all the difference in the world. I know with 8 hours sleep I function at my best.

Peta Shulman, founder of Goodnessmebox
Peta Shulman, founder of Goodnessmebox

2. Bone Broth – I have a small mug each and every morning. With 70% of your immune system located in your gut, it is super important to look after your digestive system.

3. Probiotic and Zinc – I take a high strength probiotic from the BioCeuticals range and zinc twice every single day.

4. Make time for friends and family – It can be very easy when running a business to become absorbed and have little to spend with others. Relationships are so critical for support and for emotional wellbeing and I’m lucky to have a very tight support network around me.

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5. See a health practitioner – I don’t believe in self-prescribing or self-diagnosing, whether that be with supplements or cutting out food groups. Food can be so powerful as a way of healing so make sure you find out what is right for your body. I see my health practitioners regularly as my body is constantly changing.

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By Victoria Webster

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