7 Influential Celebrities Steering The Wellness Revolution

8 Influential Celebrities Steering the Wellness Revolution
Victoria Dezeraud

Lifestyle Writer

May 23, 2023

Health and Fitness Travel, the wellness holiday specialists, explored some famous faces who are also inspiring wellness gurus.

From A-listers such as Cameron Diaz and Jennifer Aniston to musicians like Drake and Zayn Malik, these are the 8 most influential celebrities who are steering the wellness revolution.

Why Jennifer Aniston Feels Sexier Than Ever At 471
Jennifer Anniston works out

Jennifer Aniston

There’s a reason why our favourite F.R.I.E.N.D. has such an enviable physique – Jennifer Aniston has been an open advocate for organic nutrition, wholesome diets, low sugar intakes, and a very low intake of processed food. More importantly, she is a long-term yogi and claims her sessions with celebrity trainer and friend Mandy Ingber are the reason for her healthy mind, body, and soul!

Zayn Malik

A long-time sufferer of anxiety, the ex-One Direction singer has openly expressed how important it is for men to discuss mental health. Suicide is the single biggest killer of men under 45, and campaigns like  #ITSOKAYTOTALK are a great talking point for men’s mental health.

Kate Hudson's Secrets To Happiness1
Kate Hudson with her puppy 

Kate Hudson

Inspiring Instagram posts of her cardio and Pilates routines, emphasising the importance of a skin workout, and starting her own line of athletic wear called ‘Fabletics’ – the Almost Famous actress is a bonafide wellness pro!

Russell Brand

After years of addiction struggles, Brand turned to meditation to recover. The author of ‘Recovery: Freedom from Our Addictions’ is now helping others by sharing his story and promoting the David Lynch Foundation which provides transcendental meditation classes to people in at-risk communities.

Cameron Diaz Shares Secrets To Staying Young5

Cameron Diaz

Age is just a number – Cameron Diaz’s holistic wellness principles are laid out in ‘The Body Book’ and ‘The Longevity Book’, proving a great approach to ageing without the pressures of society.

Maria Sharapova

Maria Sharapova certainly knows a thing or two about being in the sun – being out on tennis courts in the middle of the day many times over her career. Following her mom’s advice, the tennis champ co-founded the sun-cream brand Supergoop to encourage others to take her mother’s advice and let everyone know that no matter how old or young you are, it’s always a good idea to start wearing sun cream.

Biographer Reveals Truth About Beyonce And Jay Z


Before Coachella this year, the ‘Single Ladies’ megastar announced on Instagram that she was going vegan. She followed a 22 Day Nutrition meal planner – a programme which she co-founded with hubby Jay Z and celebrity trainer Marco Borges, which aims at challenging yourself to move towards a plant-based lifestyle to benefit personal health as well as our planet.


Fuelling the wellness revolution (and himself) one energy drink at a time, the ‘Hotline Bling’ singer has invested in MatchaBar – a start-up dedicated to green tea (matcha) drinks. Earlier this year, Drake had also revealed that he’s ditched meat and even suggested he might turn vegan.


By Victoria Dezeraud

Lifestyle Writer

Victoria Dezeraud is a contributor for The Carousel and Women Love Tech.



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