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In Defence of The Enlightenment

In Defence of The Enlightenment  (Covid-19 as a Rorschach Test for Sane and the Credulous) oped by Jaymes Gleeson. The “information age” wasn’t meant to be like this. The internet was supposed to increase society’s knowledge of the world, instead it has virtually destroyed the hitherto sturdy platform of “objective truth”, without which, meaningful, strategic...

Jaymes Gleeson on Sep 13, 2021
Top Five Tips for a Better Sleep

Ensuring we get enough sleep is an extremely important aspect of our lifestyle. Not only does  sleep allow the mind and body to recover, but it contributes to energy levels, productivity and frame of mind. These are my top tips to help you drift into a peaceful and harmonious slumber. 1. Decrease the caffeine It’s...

Bannie Williams on Sep 12, 2021
Super Berry Smoothie

This super berry smoothie will kick start your day full of nutrients including vitamin C for immune function, Calcium for strong bones, Vitamin E & Omega 3 as an anti-inflammatory, omega 6 for brain function, magnesium for nerve function, protein for growth and muscle repair, essential amino acids and anti-oxidants to fight those nasty free...

Bannie Williams on Sep 12, 2021
Yoga Pose Of The Week: The Staff Pose

AKA –  Dandasana ‘Danda’ means stick or staff. ‘Asana’ means pose. Staff pose is incredibly powerful for your body, its looks so easy, yet there is a lot going on.  Your body is in a “L” shape and its working alignment/posture, strengthening and lengthening back muscles, shoulders and chest.  Not only is it powerful for...

Trudy Vains on Sep 11, 2021

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