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trusens air filter
Emma Crameri Emma Crameri has been verified by Muck Rack's editorial team

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Jun 19, 2022

While we are spending more time indoors and at home, you might have thought about investing in an air purifier.

The TruSens air purifier uses a sensor to provide real-time feedback and adjusts to the current reading. It’s constantly monitoring your air quality.

An air purifier can assist by removing allergens, pollutants like dust mites, pet dander, bacteria and viruses. The air filter captures and destroys pollutants using Du Pont and Ultraviolet sterilization technology. The indoor air can be impacted by foot traffic, new carpet and furniture, house paint, pets, plants, smokers and your surrounding environment.

The machine uses the EPA air quality index, where:

  • Red is poor at 100 plus
  • Yellow is moderate between 50 and 100
  • Blue is good between 0 and 50

There is a washable pre-filter, carbon filter, true HEPA filter, and UV sterilization. HEPA filters capture air pollutants such as dust, pollen, mould and bacteria, keeping the air your breath clean.

The purifier has touch controls to access the menu. It is easy to use and change settings. There are 5 different fan speeds, and quieter night mode and a timer mode. There are indicators to let you know when the filters need changing.

trusens air filter
TruSens Air Purifier Image Credit: TruSens

It’s easy to move the purifier from one room to another with the handle at the top. The machine has a subtle sound, which can be louder when the air quality is poor and it gets going. However, this only happens in a short burst and it can be adjusted as required. The majority of the time I don’t notice the sound.

You can purchase different-sized air purifiers for different room sizes. The Z-300 model is designed for a large room of up to 70m squared.

The Australian Government Department of Agriculture, Water and Environment has said it is generally recognised that Australians spend 90% or more of their time indoors. Did you know that the United States Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) stated that indoor air quality may be as much as two to five times worse than outdoor air?

If there is someone in your family living with seasonal allergies or sensitives, then a TruSens air purifier is a worthwhile investment in reducing the load on your body.

TruSens was a RedDot award winner in 2019 and is ideal for people with allergies and sensitivities.


As a group of passionate product designers and engineers, we are on a mission to help improve the spaces we spend the most time in. From a small city apartment, suburban household, or to the large corporate office space, TruSens products provide a clear benefit to every space.

TruSens sell standard air purifiers, specialty filters and smart air purifiers.

TruSens Air Purifiers have taken a scientific approach to air purification with the inclusion of the SensorPod air quality monitor in the TruSens Air Purifier models Z-2000, and the Z-3000. Testing shows that air quality measurements taken away from an air purifier provide a better representation of the air quality in a room. For more information about TruSens, please visit


By Emma Crameri Emma Crameri has been verified by Muck Rack's editorial team

Lifestyle Writer

Emma Crameri is a regular contributor for The Carousel and Women Love Tech. She is also the editor of the Brisbane-based food and lifestyle website Brisbanista.



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