Be Your Best: Motivation Tips That Work

Steph Prem
Franki Hobson


Jan 05, 2024

Golden girl Steph Prem knows a thing or two about summoning motivation. The former Winter Olympic snowboarder has competed against the world’s best athletes. And now, the personal trainer, Pilates It-Girl, presenter, public speaker and fitness expert is using her first-hand knowledge and experience to help others be healthier, happier and the best version of ‘you’. Here, Steph shares her five top motivation tips to kick start the new you…

What are the essential ingredients to being motivated?

“Accountability and routine are two of the biggest and hardest steps in taking ownership of your health and staying motivated,” explains Steph. “People see amazing results with a regular routine regardless of your level of enthusiasm and motivation- commit to it and trust the process!”

Have you ever been unmotivated?

“Absolutely! If I’m tired or stressed I can really feel the effects of lack of motivation. Motivation can be very over-rated and we all have times when we lack it or even loose it. The important thing to remember is that you don’t always have to have motivation to start or achieve something – commit to the process, remember why you started and the motivation will come.”

How do you help people ‘be their best’?

“I based my whole business on being the most premium version of yourself – I believe we all deserve that. I came from a background of professional sports where you are always pushing to be better, or the best. It’s about finding all those one per centers, because they all add up in the end. I take that same approach into my everyday life and business now. I think being the best version of yourself is putting quality into everything, enjoying the process and not comparing yourself to others along the way. For me, this means regular exercise, fuelling my body with good foods, loving my job and spending quality time with friends and family.”

Steph’s 5 Best Motivation Tips

1. Believe You Are Worthy

“In my work as a personal trainer, and specifically women-focused training, I often find women feeling guilty about allocating themselves time for their health and fitness. I think as women we always have the tendency to put ourselves last. Unfortunately, this can take its toll on our health and Australian women often downplay the importance of health. I would absolutely recommend putting more time into our own ‘self-worth’ practice! Book in appointments for yourself and make them non-negotiable; don’t be afraid to explain the importance of ‘you time’ appointments to your friends, families and colleagues. If you don’t value it, why will they?”

2. Identify Where You Are Off Balance

“Balance can be tricky for many people – there is too much emphasis on glorifying ‘busy’ these days, which results in people not prioritising their own health and fitness. Since when did everything and everyone else become more important than ourselves? I’ve always found that creating the right balance has helped me be better in all the other areas of my life. If your health is compromised because you don’t have ‘time’, look for ways to take smart, effective steps towards a routine. From good routine comes balance.”

3. Get Active, Eat Right!

“Just 30 minutes of moderate exercise a day is all it takes to be a healthier, happier you. Often clients of mine are over-training and then over-eating – a common mistake. Exercise and diet are connected and should not be separated – you cannot out-train a bad diet or vice versa. Moderation and routine are key and a healthy balance of the two will always achieve better results long term!”

4. Nourish, Don’t Punish!

“A healthy outside starts from the inside! When you look after your insides it reflects on the outside, both physically and mentally. Nourishment from within is so underestimated. I know myself, and with my own experience with clients, that when they are glowing and positive and have good mental clarity, it’s more often than not directly related to their routine, healthy diet and sleep patterns. If you’re struggling with nourishing foods and recipes, visit the free meal planner at on the Priceline Pharmacy Health Tracker.”

5. Goal Setting For You!

“Short-term and long-term goal setting is really important to keep you on track, accountable and motivated. Setting yourself goals is great to refer back and remind yourself why you started, and to see how far you have come! Keep your goals achievable and realistic, and most importantly, completely focused on you!


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