Spreading Positivity And Motivation Through Colourful Art

Emeric Brard

Lifestyle Writer

May 20, 2020

Even with all art galleries shutting down as a result of the pandemic, art itself has not stopped. In fact, it’s flourished.

During this time of uncertainty, it’s easy to lose faith and let the blues get the best of you. It’s a feeling that is completely normal. But through their art, many street artists, particularly those in the US city of Seattle, have been able to share their messages of support, love and hope to those passing by.

If you’re feeling a little hopeless and lacking motivation, here are some beautiful creative artworks found in some of the most unexpected places that are sure to lift your mood. You can even show off some of your creative skills.


In normal circumstances, Seattle is a city full of life and joy with its famous live music venues and its trendy eating spots, and clearly the pandemic isn’t stopping the Seatlleites’ passion and love for their city. Artists have become even more creative with their work by decorating boarded up shops with inspiring colours and words of wisdom and hope.

Ryan Henry Ward (@henry_beyond_museums), Debora Spencer (@deboraspencer), and Tara Velan(@yesitstara) at Belltown Pizza in Belltown

“I believe in you”

Dozfy Nguyen (@dozfy) at Lucca in Ballard
Malt Bizney (@ksra_ksra) and Carlos Aguilar (@theydrift) at Frame Central in Capitol Hil

“Stay Home”

art, murals, pandemic
Kalee Choiniere (@barelyawakekalee) and Kreau (@mykreau) at Quinn’s Pub in Capitol Hill

“I’ll see you soon!…better than it’s ever been”

Mogan Zion (@morgan_smile_designs) at Quinn’s Pub in Capitol Hill

“It’s okay to slow down”


Texan artists, Hillerbrand+Magsamen were set to launch their latest work at the Big Medium Gallery in Austin, but it had to be rescheduled due to COVID-19. But the pair have found a creative and interactive way of keeping everyone buys by creating their own art galleries right from home. They’ve called this project ‘Tiny Big Medium’ in support of the gallery. Whether you’re an artist, a beginner, or simply a fan, you can download the template and create your own artwork masterpiece. Watch below to see how:

Here’s some of the artistic duo’s work:

art, texas
A Device to Restrain Contempt
Art, texas
A Device for Integrated Principles Web
A Device to be Heard

Check out http://www.bigmedium.org/current for more information.


By Emeric Brard

Lifestyle Writer

Emeric Brard is a writer for The Carousel and Women LoveTech.


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