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Kim Kardashian’s Body Bounce Back Secret

Kim Kardashian Body Bounce Back Secret

Struggling for the motivation to shed the 27kg ‘baby weight’ she says she can’t budge since her second pregnancy, Kim sent a plea out to her 40 million Twitter followers for help.

Kim, 35, says she’s anxious to get her curvy 160cm frame back to her normal weight of 59kg.

A fan shared this gorgeous picture below of Kim in a bikini from just a few months, which seemed to do the trick.

Kim Kardashian bikini

“This pic motivated me – getting up now,” Kim responded, just minutes before her personal trainer was due to arrive.

Kim also took to Twitter to express her exhaustion at getting up for nighttime feeds with baby Saint, who was born on December 5, 2015.

“This 4 am feeding really kills me. I’m like delirious,” she writes.

Kim also admits she is producing so much milk she has taken over her mother Kris’s freezer, where she is staying while her home with husband Kayne West is being finished off.

In addition to her little boy, she’s also mum to toddler daughter North, two.

Kim is clearly in a nostalgic frame of mind, hankering for her old body back.

She posted a series of pictures of herself posing for a Harper’s BAZAAR Arabia shoot in 2011.

Kim Kardashians Harper's Bazaar

“It was my first cover for a Middle Eastern magazine which was so cool!” she wrote.

“We went with a stars theme and I wore some of the most gorgeous Dolce and Gabbana dresses.”

But with her fans’ help Kim is clearly making good progress towards her weight goal.

She also shares this recent Instagram photo of herself wearing one of Kayne’s black designs from his Yeezy 3 collection.

Kim Kardashians Body Bounce Back Secret 1

There’s nowhere to hide in this form-fitting Adidas dress which accentuates all her ample curves – the thing her fans love about her – although she does strategically place one arm across her stomach.

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