The Philippines— Your Next Best Travel Destination

The Philippines— Your Next Best Travel Destination | The Carousel
Mary Grace Sahagun

Lifestyle Writer

Sep 22, 2022

The Philippines is one of the best-kept gems in Southeast Asia, with 7,641 islands bordered by picture-perfect white-sand beaches and stunning volcanic scenery, cultural events, gourmet food, and friendly people.

The Philippines— Your Next Best Travel Destination | The Carousel

The country is a remarkable multicultural nation, with each region proudly displaying its own unique quirks, dialects, and delicious dishes that have been influenced by the many different countries that have colonised the archipelago over the centuries. These countries include the Spanish, the Americans, and the Japanese.

Although the Philippines is sometimes ignored in favour of other Asian locations, there is no better time to see the country’s vibrant culture and one-of-a-kind natural beauties than now, since it is only a short flight away.

Here’s a guide to some of the Philippines’ most unique experiences:

Manila: The Country’s Heart And Capital

The Philippines— Your Next Best Travel Destination | The Carousel

This vibrant metropolis is often a visitor’s first encounter with Philippine culture. The city of Manila serves as a crossroads and introduction to the Filipino people, their history, and their vibrant nightlife. Expect vibrant streets filled with cars, Jeepneys (local public transit), street food, and busy people.

Recent years have seen significant growth in both the city’s culinary and artistic communities, both of which pay respect to the Philippines’ long and illustrious cultural and culinary traditions.

Toyo Eatery is one of Asia’s 50 Greatest restaurants and the best restaurant in the Philippines. The pork barbecue skewers that have become Chef Jordy Navarra’s trademark dish are a gourmet spin on traditional Manila street cuisine.

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Siargao’s Surf Beats Bali’s

The Philippines— Your Next Best Travel Destination | The Carousel

Siargao is immaculate, isolated, and beneath the tourist radar. Siargao is a destination where you may safely ask locals for the greatest surf places, mangroves, and cliff jumps. This haven is becoming a popular surfing spot. This little island has world-class waves, white sand islands, turquoise tide pools, and secret lagoons.

Cloud 9, a barreling right-hander at General Luna on the southeast corner of the island, is the surfing equivalent of a rainbow at the end of a rainbow. Cloud 9’s dawn and sunset views will wow even non-surfers.

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Experience The Farm Life Of Batangas

Batangas is mini-Philippines. White sandy beaches, little islands, gorgeous mountain hiking paths, diving locations, historic villages, and great local food are all here. Moreover, Batangas province is host to some of the country’s most lively events.

Ascending into Batangas’ cooler mountain area is a pleasant experience for those in search of leisure and relaxation after the hustle and bustle of Manila (only 90 minutes away). Laid-back communities are nestled in pine-forested mountain ranges, and in recent years, a proliferation of farm stays has placed the area on the map for those looking to improve their health.

You shouldn’t miss the ‘Parada ng Lechon,’ a procession of roasted pigs (Lechon) that is paraded through the streets on the Feast of St. John the Baptist and then eaten by hungry revellers.

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The Dazzling White Sands Of Boracay Are Back

The Philippines— Your Next Best Travel Destination | The Carousel

Boracay was put in ‘rehab’ & closed down for 6 months in 2018 to protect its vulnerable ecosystem. By 2022, the local had all contributed to Boracay’s new reputation as a paradigm for sustainable tourist growth. Even TIME has recognized Boracay as one of the 50 exceptional places to visit in 2022.

Boracay’s most famous landmark is its 4km White Beach, which is lined with hotels and hostels. The island paradise is endowed with fantastic eateries providing seafood, shrimp, pork, and chicken. Imagine parasails, seagulls, frisbees, and paraw slashing across the technicolour horizon while palm palms flutter in the wind and street food aromas fill the air.

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The Philippines Department of Tourism (PDOT) is the principal government body tasked with fostering, marketing, and expanding tourism as a significant contributor to the country’s economy. PDOT maintains offices across the globe and delivers travel statistics, information, inspiration, and insights.

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Lifestyle Writer

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