5 Reasons to Start Journaling With Steph Pase

5 Reasons to Start Journaling With Steph Pase | The Carousel
Mary Grace Sahagun

Lifestyle Writer

Dec 27, 2022

Steph Pase shares her top tips on journaling with The Carousel.

Journaling has been around for thousands of years, and to be honest I was originally sceptical of the whole thing, but I figured, those that do it seem to rave about the benefits, so there must be something to it right? I love to write, and it’s always been an outlet for me, but the problem was I just didn’t know HOW to journal, and wondered would it really help me as much as people claim? In short, absolutely!

5 Reasons to Start Journaling With Steph Pase | The Carousel
Organisational Expert Steph Pase’s 5 Reasons to Start Journaling!

Why Should You Start Journaling?

1. Journaling Relieves Stress

Writing down everything that’s going through your head might help you gain perspective and reduce stress. This process is often called “brain dumping.”

2. Helpful For Establishing And Reaching Objectives

The best way to achieve your objectives is to write them down and revisit them often in a journal. Jotting down your goals and reviewing them often can help you stay motivated and aware of your progress toward them.

3. Boosts Productivity

Writing in a journal may increase your level of self-awareness about how you spend your time during the day, which in turn can boost your level of productivity.

4. Will Allow You To Self-reflect

Have you ever gotten to your goal without even realizing it? Our lives are so rapid that we often operate on “auto-pilot.” Keeping a journal will allow you to pause and think about your day and where you stand in it.

5. Improves Memory

A journal serves a similar purpose to a to-do list in that it frees you from the burden of attempting to keep track of all you need to get done that day. It helps you stay focused on your goals while freeing up mental space for other matters.

Steph Pase’s thought on continuing to journal daily—

People keep talking about journaling but like I did, often struggle with it and don’t know how to get started, that’s why I created the Steph Pase ‘Write it Down Journal’ which includes prompts and steps to help you get into the journalising rhythm. If you’re using your own journal, I have also put together some journal prompts you can use daily to help you reflect and set intentions for each day!

  • 3 things I am grateful for
  • My intention today is…
  • My goals in present tense
  • If I couldn’t fail I would…
  • 3 thing I love about myself
  • I can experience joy today by…
  • My ideal day looks like…
  • Where do I see myself in a year?
  • I am proud of myself for…

Blogger and mother of two, Steph Pase popularized the phrase “#stephing” by encouraging others to clean and organize their houses. It didn’t take long for her platform to grow, and today she has a devoted fan base in Australia thanks to the 239K people who follow her on Instagram at @justanothermummyblog.

She used it to launch Steph Pase Planners, a company she has found great success with. Steph Pase’s “Write it Out Journal” and a variety of other organizational tools and planners are available for purchase on her website, stephpaseplanners.com.au.

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Lifestyle Writer

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