May Is Mental Health Awareness Month: Why It Matters and How to Celebrate

Mia Barnes

Health Writer

May 20, 2024

It’s always a good time to reflect on your mental health, but a dedicated month makes it a social conversation. As Mental Health Awareness Month progresses this May, learn why this annual holiday matters and discover a few ways to celebrate it.

When Did Mental Health Awareness Month Begin?

Congress established Mental Health Awareness Month in 1949 to show the government’s support of veterans and call attention to the importance of recovering from mental health conditions with social support. Before then, people may not have openly discussed their mental health struggles due to a lack of societal acceptance.

Why Mental Health Awareness Month Matters

Talking about mental health conditions makes people feel more accepted in their communities. It destigmatizes diagnoses, helping individuals accept their own health and potentially find effective assistance from a physician or therapist. Celebrating an official month also encourages businesses to host events, linking more people with mental health resources and supportive communities.

3 Ways to Celebrate Mental Health Awareness Month

Spend the month of May reflecting on your mental wellness. These ideas make it fun and easy, no matter your schedule.

1. Find New Wellness Podcasts

Building a supportive community might be challenging if things like anxiety make meeting people feel impossible. If that feels true for you, you could always listen to a wellness podcast to find more personal support this May.

2. Try New Recipes

Break out of your usual routine by upgrading your diet with nutrients that fortify your well-being. Eating more vitamin B will naturally stimulate extra energy production, which is incredibly helpful if your mental health makes you feel less energized than you’d like.

Consider trying something fun like chai chia breakfast pudding, which only takes a few minutes to whip up with your morning coffee. Top it with vitamin B-packed fruits for a sweet treat that boosts your mental health.

3. Get More Active

Exercising makes your brain produce extra endorphins so you instantly feel happier. If your mental health sometimes makes it difficult to even get out of bed, explore gentle options like lazy yoga. This activity involves holding poses for 60 seconds to build muscle strength slowly. You’ll gradually adapt to this change — or any change in your routine — and better support your mental health long after May ends.

Celebrate Mental Health Awareness Month This May

Embrace Mental Health Awareness Month by consulting supportive resources, exercising and trying out delicious and nutrient-rich recipes. Good mental health can pave the way to a happier, more stress-free life.


By Mia Barnes

Health Writer

Mia Barnes is s regular contributor for The Carousel and Women Love Tech about healthy living, fitness, nutrition, and wellness. Mia is also the Founder and Editor-in-Chief of the online publication, Body+Mind magazine.



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