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Jazz Up Your Home Office And Stay Healthy

Home is where the heart is but home can also be where the heath is! In these times, it is important that we surround ourselves in a clean space and maintain a bunch of healthy habits to keep ourselves feeling positive. We’ve compiled a list of things you can do to help you feel fresh and fantastic in your home.

Smell good, feel good

You got to make your senses feel good! Studies show that smells can seriously affect your mood and even your work performance. So why not use some fresh and fragrant smells around your office space. Ecoya has hit the nail on the head with their Rinse Free Hand wash. It comes in a huge range of heavenly smells. A personal favourite of mine is the guava and lychee sorbet! Your hands can smell fantastic and most importantly be germ-free. After sanitising, you can then moisturise your hands and body with their matching hand and body lotions. Fresh scent equals a fresh mind.

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Ecoya RRP:$995

Get Creative

It might be hard staying confined to one space the whole day. So why not give your eyes something nice to look at and let your creative side shine. Creativity can be anything. It can be making your office space look groovy or simply drawing on a note pad in between our busy schedule. Everyone can be creative in their own way and it is important to nourish this part of your self!

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Move n Groove

Sometimes we may get restless sitting at a desk. So why not get the blood pumping and do mini workouts in the comforts of your own home. Did you know doing exercise gives your body feel good chemicals? Star jumps, push ups, ab crunches or even yoga are easy to do and perfect for a little pick me up.

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Check out the link below for a bunch of things to be perky about when staying in doors.

Written by Sadie Archibald

Sadie Archibald is a lifestyle writer for The Carousel.


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