Confidence Shattered? Here’s How To Build It Back Up

Jo Lamble


Jul 08, 2022

Who knows how easy it is to have your confidence shattered with just a word of criticism? Today I’m here to give you my five top tips on how to give your confidence the lift it needs.

Try these instant confidence boosts to make you feel good.

  • Bank compliments

Banking compliments is really important and don’t just remember them, but store them. So that when you’re feeling a little down, you can pull them out and give yourself a boost.

  • Have a favourite accessory

If your spirit is a little low when you get up in the morning, reach out for that favourite ring or bracelet or that splash of colour that you remember made you feel really good. Remember: dress the way you want to feel!

  • Connect with people

It’s amazing what happens if you just flash your best smile at a stranger you pass by. That warm response or that hello that you receive really can give you a lift.

  • Minimise your failures

Yes it’s great to take responsibility for your mistakes, but it’s even better if you move on as quick as you can.

  • Be altruistic

Nothing gives you a boost more than helping others. Buy a cup of coffee or milkshake for a homeless person and sit and chat with them while they drink it. Stay on the phone with the next half an hour with your mum, because she’s really in need of a chat. Or cook a meal for a friend who is really stressed.

Try these confidence boosts and see how you feel deep inside.

See you next time!


By Jo Lamble


When it comes to navigating the tricky world of human relationships, Clinical Psychologist, Jo Lamble has carved a niche for herself as an approachable professional with a talent for presenting sticky topics with compassion and poise, both as a private practitioner and popular TV psychologist. Contact: [email protected]



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