Dining At Dusk Review: Capturing More Than Just Culinary Art

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Aug 13, 2022

Stevan Paul is the perfect person to write a romantic, beautifully styled and superb cookery book. He is an acclaimed television chef, a food stylist, an author and he has a food blog “nutriculinary” which literally means good food (nutri) and great food (culinary). 

The stories and the recipes in Dining at Dusk published by Murdoch Books along with the drinks (alcoholic and non-alcoholic) and the supporting dreamy and sensual photographs make this recipe book an essential part of any cookbook library. 

Paul evokes a time of day where magic happens, romance blooms and anything is possible. A time for relaxation and a time to traverse some of the world’s most delicious tapas, antipasti, mezze, ceviche, yakitori, tacos and aperitifs. 

Dining at Dusk follows the golden hour, the time just as the sun goes down in Australia, Japan, India, Europe, Morocco, Brazil, the USA and Mexico. The curated music lists, the suggested accompanying drinks and the diverse, interesting recipes all evoke the special time of day and inspire the cook to explore a previously overlooked time to entertain. This book offers stylish sundowner indulgences, mostly light and healthy, with a emphasis on vegetables, salads, fresh herbs and high quality fish and meat. 

Stevan Paul says the evening belongs to us – as does the day. Dining at Dusk showcases a selection of contemporary cuisine perfect for a contemporary lifestyle. The recipes reflect a distinctive and important part of culinary heritage whilst honouring modern tastes. 

Paul has written evocative, memorable introductions to each country that help you live the experience with him and the book is divided into nations, starting from Samoa and Australia where the sun sets first. There are 24 destinations in all. 

Stevan Paul fell in love with the spectacular Australian sunsets and the laidback Australian people. He believes that Australia has superior regional produce, both land and sea and that we have fostered a highly creative, regionally oriented global cross-over cuisine that is as unpretentious, diverse and relaxed as Australians themselves. 

Worth checking out is the Fremantle Sardine Plate recipe which is paired by Stevan with a juicy South Australian Chadonnay or lemon water and mint for those who want a non-alcoholic sundowner. The Turkish Iman Bayildi (Swooning Iman) looks wonderful as does an Italian Chickpeas with spiced chocolate and oranges dish served with Vanilla ice cream and Matteo Brancaleoni’s 2015 album “Made in Italy”.

Dining at Dusk Tapas, Antipasti, Mezze, Ceviche and Aperitifs by Stevan Paul is published by Murdoch Books. You can buy Dining at Dusk here.

The Carousel would like to thank Ro Markson for her review.


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