Boost Chances of A Baby With A Fertility Specialist’s Advice.

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Shonagh Walker

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Mar 21, 2021

Thinking of trying for a baby? Now’s the time to get your body baby-ready! Boost chances of a baby with fertility specialist Dr Raewyn Teirney’s expert advice on improving ‘fertility fitness’ for guys and gals.

“I always say, ‘it takes two to tango,” laughs Dr. Raewyn Teirney, leading fertility specialist and gynaecologist. But behind her warm laugh, lies a very proven and solid piece of medical advice. It does take two to conceive a child and both partners should be in optimal health, to best boost chances of a baby! Here are Dr. Raewyn’s best tips for boosting chances of a baby.

Boost Chances Of A Baby
Boost Chances Of A Baby With A Few Simply Lifestyle Tips!


“Alcohol can introduce free radicals into the body which may have a damaging effect on the health of both the sperm and the egg,” stresses Dr. Teirney. “I advise both partners in the relationship that they stick to less than two drinks a day. It’s even a good idea that they stop drinking altogether for at least one to two months when trying to conceive, as well as throughout pregnancy and breastfeeding.”  

Improve Chances Of A baby
It’s Important Both Partners In The Relationship Bin The Booze When Trying For A Baby.

Maintain A Healthy Weight

This isn’t about being fat or thin. It’s about what is best for both partners hoping to boost their chances of a baby, as well as improve your health when you are pregnant. Or indeed, those first months of getting used to being sleep deprived!

“If either partner is overweight, it can hinder your chances of conceiving,” says Dr Raewyn. ‘Being overweight or in fact, obese, can cause hormonal problems that lead to infrequent ovulation and irregular periods in women,” says Dr Raewyn. “For men, carrying extra kilos can detrimentally affect the health and vitality of the sperm.” 

Couples Who Are Fitter, Healthier And Maintain A Steady Weight Are Great Candidates For Conception.

Enjoy Regular Exercise  

While helping to keep your weight in check, which also boosts your chances of a baby, regular exercise has extra benefits when you’re trying to conceive. When couples exercise together, you’re both becoming fitter together, as well as healthier.

“It improves the wellbeing of the entire body, including their reproductive organs,” says Dr. Teirney. “The hormones released when we exercise – endorphins – are also ‘feel-good’ hormones. They elevate our mood but it is also thought they may also help heighten the libido!”

Be Sure To Boost Your Sleep

The quality and quantity of your sleep are equally as important, not just for when you are trying to boost chances of a baby, but for health and longevity in general. While there is currently little to support the theory that lack of sleep can affect sperm and egg health, it stands to reason that as it affects some organs of the body, it is likely to affect others, including our reproductive system.

According to Dr. Raewyn, while there isn’t any hard evidence, fertility specialists commonly agree that “the exhaustion that comes with lack of quality sleep makes couples less inclined to want to have sex and indeed become less likely to track their fertility windows and practised timed intercourse.” 
It’s also thought that lack of sleep can negatively affect overall health and wellness, which includes your reproductive organs.  
Dr. Raeywn stresses that “if you take sleep medication, check with your GP that it won’t interfere with your journey to become pregnant. This also applies to any and all medication you or your partner might be taking, including over-the-counter and herbal preparations.”  

Pregnant couple sleeping together in comfortable bed, top view

Cycle Tracking To Boost Chances of A Baby

Both partners can help boost chances of a baby by tracking the female’s cycle, and it’s a fabulous way for both of you to bond with bubba!
“Tracking the female cycle takes the guesswork out of conception and it improves a couple’s chances of conceiving,” stresses Dr. Raewyn. “There are specific tracking devices that such as ovulation and hormone markers to pinpoint the female’s most fertile time. These are available easily online, or at your pharmacist.“ 

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Reduce Your Stress  

Yeah, I can hear you laughing from here. Reducing stress in this day and age is like asking for to fly a unicorn ride. For free. As impossible as it seems, there are ways to remain calm and stress-free, even in the eye of the storm.

A 2018 study by Boston University found that high stress levels in women may be linked to lower rates of conception. 
“It can compound the problem,” says Dr. Raewyn, “This can be a difficult and emotionally-fraught time, especially if they are not becoming pregnant as quickly as they had hoped. Any additional stress can be perceived as greater because of their already stressed frame of mind. This can lead to less frequent intercourse and of course stress spikes cortisol levels, which could affect the female’s cycle.”  
Dr. Teirney suggests couples implement stress management techniques such as regular exercise, date nights or weekends away where they can relax and unwind together, yoga, meditation and/or relaxation and breathing techniques.

For those new to Meditation, try some of the great advice here


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