5 Tips To be More Charismatic and Magnetic

Sadie Archibald

Lifestyle Writer

Oct 19, 2020

You can actually learn how to be more charismatic with your behaviour and cues. Marilyn Monroe proved this point by going in to Grand Central Station in New York City at a very busy time of day. She got onto a train quietly and went to the next station without anyone noticing one of the most famous beauty icons in the world. Whilst Marilyn does have natural beauty, she outlined that she could choose to be noticed or choose to not be noticed. Charisma is something you build and radiate.

People that light up a room are not self centred or act superior but they make others around them feel heard, important and special. People like people who like them. People also value people who value themselves.

Here are 5 tips on how you can be more charismatic taken from the timeless bestselling book How to Win Friends and Influence People by Dale Carnegie.

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Be an active listener and genuinely interested in other people

I once heard a quote that only people who feel inferior feel the need to act superior. So when someone is genuinely paying interest to what you are saying, and making positive contribution to conversation, you will immediately feel drawn to them. You must have a good time meeting people if you expect people to have a good time meeting you. And as famous Psychologist Alfred Adler said ” it is the individual who is not interested in his fellow man who have the greatest difficulties in life” .

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The Power of Smiling

Action and feeling go hand in hand, so if you regulate your action of smiling you can actually have an impact on how your feeling and to how others feel about you. Nearly all people want to be around positive, happy people. So a simple act of smiling, costs nothing and is easy way to seem more positive to others.

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Remember Peoples Name

Yes, sometimes its difficult to remember a persons name but when you do remember a peoples name they will instantly feel a more personal connection to you and feel more valued by you, which will also help them to value you more.

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Eye Contact and Body Language

Just like the act of smiling your body also subconsciously gives a lot of signals to people around you. If you walk into a room with a straight, strong posture and give people your full attention with eye contact, you will come across as more powerful and more charismatic.

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Work On Confidence

Whether it be wearing clothes that make you feel good, eating well, exercising, mediating, or being creative. There are many ways that can help you feel better about yourself. And its all about enhancing what makes you feel good and decreasing what makes you feel bad. Because ultimately, the more love you feel for yourself the easier it will be to make others around you feel good and be more charismatic. Everyone has insecurities but not everyone focuses on their insecurities.

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By Sadie Archibald

Lifestyle Writer

Sadie Archibald is a lifestyle writer for The Carousel. Sadie recently finished a course in graphic design and is now writing for both The Carousel and Women Love Tech.



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