Three Summer Must Haves You Didn’t Know Existed

Three Summer Must Haves You Didn't Know Existed
Jo Munro

Nov 16, 2017

Summer is all but upon us and I am already thinking of the best ways to deal with all it brings so I have pulled together my top 3 innovative products to make fun in the sun just a little easier. Best of all I am betting you didn’t even know these products existed.


Summer in Australia is about outdoor living. There is nothing better than a trip to the beach and nothing worse than bringing half of the beach home with you in your car, togs/cozi or your shoes. That is why I totally love the Mukmat. The very clever Aussie entrepreneur Suzanne Horton was also sick of the downside of outdoor living and decided to do something about it. She created this very clever, locally crafted, grass mat. It is the perfect place to clean off your feet prior to jumping in the car or throwing your wet togs/cozi on until you get home. It is a portable mat, designed to remove the sand and dirt from your feet before.


getting back in the car. It is also great for placing at the door or your tent when camping or at your boot when you are packing up after a hike. It is rollable and durable and even perfect to have in the boot to sit your newly purchased pot plants on. This is a massive time saver and is so clever I wonder why we never thought of it sooner.

Every car needs a mukmat. $40 or $70 for two www.mukmat.com


Party season is here and we often find ourselves taking a cold bottle of bubbles to a BBQ, event or Christmas party. Now with coolclutch you can be stylish and keep your goodies cold in this clever, insulated handbag range. This is the perfect place to also keep your lipsticks, yogurts or just some water cool on a hot day whilst maintaining your style. The tote is wonderful for shopping and the backpack ideal for SuperMums who need to have cool goodies at hand for the kids. Available at www.coolclutch.com.au



As soon as we have a sunny day the first thing I notice is bugs. Flies, spiders, mozzies and the dreaded moths that love to turn my favourite clothes to swiss cheese. I am not a fan of harsh chemical insecticides thus why I love this product so much. It truly is the best kept secret to a bug free home.


Ecomist is a dispenser that regularly releases a small spray of food safe, pet safe, people safe pyrethrum (chrysanthemum extract) into the air that drives bugs mad. Bugs simply hate the smell and leave. This is so effective I do not even need to flea my cats. I have been using this product for years and I swear by it.

It can be used indoors and out (I only use it outdoors when entertaining outside) or I place one in my garage to keep the spiders at bay.

Available www.ecomist.com.au


By Jo Munro

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