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Author Helen Jacobs On How You Can Get In Touch With Your Intuition

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When you hear your own internal wisdom and inner voice, your intuition, you are automatically connected with your truth and power. When you trust it enough to live from there, the world opens up to you. 

So, just how do you get in touch with your intuition? Here’s 5 ways you can get in touch with your intuition to empower yourself: 

1. Listen to your heart (or your gut)

Tuning into your heart’s true feelings, even when they seem scary or illogical, will help you figure out what you really want from your life. That sinking feeling in your gut before you start work each day or see that friend is a huge clue to how you really feel. Knowing what your body is telling you means you’ll make better, more empowered, decisions. 

2. Dance like no one is watching


By this I mean, move your body how it wishes to move. Give yourself full permission to move your body intuitively and you’ll begin to have realisations about yourself and your true desires. Perhaps you start by noticing all the ways you’re self conscious or self-critiquing, until you realise you can move through the fear and listen to how your body wants to express itself. The more you practice this, the more it will begin to extend in your everyday life too, off the dancefloor (or private bedroom practice). 

3. Pull oracle cards

Sometimes we just need confirmation or some light shed to help us trust our inner wisdom. Working with oracle cards, or any other type of oracle, can be a great way to build trust in our own intuitive feelings about things. Who doesn’t want some confirmation they’re on the right path? 

4. Write it down

One of the best things I did as I began to live more intuitively is to keep a journal. I not only recorded my personal thoughts and feelings, but any intuitive hits or guidance I received. Over time I developed a personalised bible of proof, or at worst, a collection of ways I could better interpret my intuition next time, building my confidence in myself and my inner voice. 

5. Meditate

meditation, intuition

While a formal practice of meditation can be useful, I typically suggest people start with guided meditations designed to tune you into your own guidance. The nuggets of wisdom that arise can help shift you out of a funk and into clarity and direction. 

Any one of these activities alone will help, but seismic shifts will come if you were to embrace all five. As you take each life step from this renewed, deeper sense of knowing, you become internally fortified and empowered in your life path and decisions.

Weaving her own personal experiences throughout You Already Know, her new book, Helen shares her unlikely journey and explains how to create a beautiful life for yourself today – by listening closely to your intuition, and developing it so that you can be a spiritual ninja.

About the Author

Helen Jacobs, you already know, book

A trained journalist, Helen Jacobs was a successful PR and marketing exec who left her thriving career to become a full-time psychic medium, hosting popular workshops and events to provide thousands of readings for people all over the world. In addition to her work as a medium, Helen mentors and teaches women how to change their lives and find a more meaningful path for themselves.

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