How To Snare The Object Of Your Desire

How to Snare the Object of you Desire
Hedy Damari


Dec 19, 2023


Be daring if your lover is Aries

Impressing an Aries isn’t exactly an easy feat; it requires courage, daring and confidence, so if you don’t have any to speak of, fake it or get some of the Dutch variety! Impulsiveness coupled with a “devil may care” kind of attitude is sure to intrigue a Ram and leave him/her wondering what gives someone else the right to be as cocky as them. However, a word of warning, an Aries is sure to call your bluff so don’t suggest skydiving on the weekend, or sex on the nearest median strip while secretly praying they will chicken out. Rams are madder than cut snakes and will leap at the opportunity to display their insanity, not to mention the size of their … um, ego. Believe me, they’ll be less than impressed if you pike at the last minute.

Winning line: “Stay away from me, I’m trouble.”

Turn-ons: The thrill of the chase, spontaneity, anything illegal.

Turn-offs: Displays of weakness, practical planning, slow service, slow hand, slow anything!

Ideal romantic setting: Aries is rather fond of spicy food so order the beef vindaloo at a reputable and intimate Indian restaurant, followed by margaritas at the closest and preferably seediest bar – Aries is far bigger on company than ambience.

Add sensory appeal if your lover is Taurus

Winning a bull’s affection is easy when you know the way to their heart is via their stomach! Taureans love food, sex and money (not necessarily in that order) and are slaves to their finely honed senses, so appealing to all five is a sure-fire way to reduce them to putty in your hands! Listening to dulcet tones while savoury aromas waft through the air will do more than whet their appetite. Try not to order takeaway, cooking instead with lots of TLC will really show your appreciation. Fine wine, preferably red, and old-fashioned roasts work particularly well. When it comes to seduction, sensory overload is the tried and true method. Incorporate as many essential oils, music and food as you possibly can.

And one more thing, Taureans are cautious planners and, unlike Aries are not overly impressed by spur-of-the-moment getaway surprises. They prefer to be in the know so they can organise details. Believe me, they won’t enjoy themselves if they’re preoccupied by loose ends – make sure you give them notice. Don’t be flashy with money – save that for a Leo.

Winning line: “I have a fine collection of art deco lithographs next to a fully stocked fridge in my bedroom.”

Turn-ons: Anything velvet, warm baths, gourmet delights.

Turn-offs: Loud, brash behaviour, uptight people.

Ideal romantic setting: A carpet picnic in front of the fireplace preceded or followed by “Like Water For Chocolate”, the sensual Latino video.

Show mental stimuli if your lover is Gemini

Geminis are a very cerebral breed, therefore the best way to their heart is via the organ that turns them on the most – the brain. Geminis thrive on mental stimulation and are knowledge junkies for even the most seemingly insignificant piece of information. (If you don’t believe me check all of the journals, newspaper clippings and old essays in their cupboards and garage.) Engage in some intellectual sparring and playful banter, discuss books, and if you’re studying or learning about anything be sure to share your newly acquired knowledge. Showcasing your mental dexterity will make you extremely appealing.

Winning line: “I’m looking for rare copies of ‘The Canterbury Tales’ in quaint little bookshops this afternoon.“

Turn-ons: Books with 1000 pages or more, crosswords, variety, multi-tasking.

Turn-offs: Narrow mindedness, boredom, lack of variety.

Ideal romantic setting: Anywhere a little more than a stone’s throw away, searching through musty bookshops and sampling the local cuisine.

Cook at home if your lover is Cancer

Cancerians are the consummate homebodies of the horoscope and love nothing more than hanging out in the kitchen. Prepare some good home cooking, and if possible, find out the favourite dish his/her mother used to prepare. Even if you botch it, the sentiment behind trying to emulate Mum’s cooking will deeply touch them. Another way to their heart is to stimulate their extra fertile imaginations and play their muse for a day, perhaps even pose in the nude for them to sketch! Show them your vulnerability so they in turn can feel free to open up.

Winning line: “Would you like to come to our family barbie this weekend?”

Turn-ons: Aforementioned home-cooked meals, foreign films, deep and meaningful conversations.

Turn-offs: Immodesty, insensitivity, insincerity.

Ideal romantic setting: Prepare a meal in their own environment as they’ll feel more comfortable, or go for bouillabaisse in a cosy French restaurant.

Spend up big if your lover is Leo

The way to win the heart of a Leo sounds a little like this – “Ka-ching!” Yep, your wallet can serve as quite an aphrodisiac, and forget what you’ve read, size does matter, which kind of sucks if you’re monetarily challenged. In this case, lavishing attention on them and treating your Leo like royalty will suffice. Lions are rather high maintenance and love having their egos stroked, therefore, too much flattery is simply not enough. They are also very tactile and playful, so showing them some affection will have them purring.

Winning line: “Aren’t you that famous actor?”

Turn-ons: Red carpet treatment, adoration, expensive gifts, loyalty.

Turn-offs: Skinflints! Nothing repels a generous Leo more than stinginess and if they catch you even remotely reacting to the high prices on a menu it will spell sudden death to your romance.

Ideal romantic setting: A private dining room or sitting on a mat in the tatami room at an expensive Japanese restaurant.

No vulgarity if your lover is Virgo

Virgos have extremely analytical minds and jump at the opportunity to exercise their Vulcan-like intellect, and with their impeccable taste, discerning eye and delicate sensibilities they simply smack of elegance. Therefore, conduct yourself with the utmost decorum and make sure you took your brain tonic the night before – nothing will escape that critical gaze!

Health and wellbeing are also of paramount importance so mentioning that you have to go to your local health food store for a shot of wheat grass and some macrobiotic food will pique his/her interest. Above all, be your genuine self, Virgos are impressed by style, not airs and graces.

Winning line: “Who’s your personal trainer?”

Turn-ons: A high A-level of personal hygiene, beautiful art, the opera, well-maintained physique, exercise.

Turn-offs: Letting the style police fall by the wayside, vulgarity, people who lose their objectivity, idiots.

Ideal romantic setting: A hearty game of squash followed by dinner at a vegetarian Vietnamese restaurant.

Flattery works if your lover is Libra

These charismatic social butterflies love nothing more than a good flirt so if it’s been a while since you’ve worked your charms, start practising! Flattery works exceedingly well, especially comments on finer details that others are likely to overlook. Librans love nothing more than a bit of healthy competition so if you have other suitors don’t hide the fact. This won’t make them jealous it will simply serve as an endorsement. Librans are truly in their element when with another person and really enjoy having a partner in crime. They loathe confrontation or unpleasantness of any sort so don’t wig out in front of them. Feeling secure is very important to Librans so affection and lots of assurance that they are the only one will keep them in good spirits.

Winning line: “You have the longest eyelashes I’ve seen.” (Believe me, this actually works even for a man.)

Turn-ons: Cocktail parties, shopping for clothes, beautiful things and people.

Turn-offs: Awkward situations, breaches of social etiquette, injustice of any sort.

Ideal romantic setting: Dining al fresco while supping on seafood risotto and beef or salmon carpaccio.

The hard word if your lover is Scorpio

The way to a Scorpio’s heart is not through the stomach, it’s via their most valued organ – and I’m not referring to the brain! Yes, these sexual beasts love nothing more than raw passion, so fasten your seatbelt and be prepared for some all-consuming magnetic intensity. Scorpios admire doers, not talkers, so don’t mention things you are unable to deliver, especially sexually, as you’ll be stripped of respect in their eyes. Scorpios are unpretentious and generally hard creatures to impress, however sincerity, loyalty and decency are traits they deeply admire.

Winning line: “I suppose that a **** would be out of the question?”

Turn-ons: Those who can match their intensity, sexual confidence, a good mystery.

Turn-offs: Faking it, and I’m not just referring to the big “O”. Scorpios can smell phoniness in any way, shape or form.

Ideal romantic setting: Watching a very steamy movie followed by Martinis and jazz in a very seedy bar on the entirely wrong side town.

The big debate if your lover is Sagittarius

Saggies are students of the University of Life and love to engage in philosophical debates on all of the big questions. A nomadic lifestyle suits these free spirits well as it enables them to search for the truth, wherever it may be, and allows them to indulge in their greatest love – travel. So short of being a glam foreigner or whisking them off to a faraway destination, regaling them with anecdotes of quaint places overseas is really the next best thing. Winning the affection of these happy-go-lucky creatures is easy if you share the same sense of freedom, adventure and spontaneity, especially when it involves purchasing plane tickets at the airport at 2am!

Winning line: “Let’s run away and never come back.”

Turn-ons: Free spirits, meeting new people, new experiences, foreigners, exotic cuisine, travel, travel, TRAVEL!

Turn-offs: Narrow mindedness, uncompromising people, and pessimism.

Ideal romantic setting: If you can’t afford an exotic location try an unusual cuisine – North African, Himalayan, Szechwan, or at home with the appropriate national dress.

Status conscious if your lover is capricorn

Capricorns are quite reserved but one very class act nevertheless. The way to earn a Capricorn’s affection is to subtly wield or display your power and status, but be certain not to name-drop or show off in any way as he/she is repelled by ostentation. Cap is a modest creature with a strong work ethic and ambition – characteristics they admire in others. They are impressed by intelligence and a dry sense of humour as well as the finer things in life. Subtlety is definitely the key word here, for while quiet confidence is attractive they find brashness just plain vulgar.

Winning line: Don’t bother – let the Capricorn pick you up.

Turn-ons: Wit, self-made people, reliability, loyalty.

Turn-offs: Those lacking self-control or common sense.

Ideal romantic setting: Any restaurant where the ambience, food and service are impeccable.

Hip curiosity if your lover is Aquarius

The key to courting the most eccentric creature of the horoscope is to showcase your knowledge on as many diverse topics as possible, from conspiracy theories and ancient Egyptian rituals to the substance on the moons orbiting Jupiter. Having an interesting background will give you a head start as Aquarians love nothing more than engaging with people from all walks of life and expanding their horizons through the tapestry of humanity. Deeply curious yet fiercely independent, Aquarians love being on the periphery of social situations where they can observe but little is expected of them. Therefore, don’t take them to a family dinner until you’re certain it won’t freak them out!

Winning line: “Do you know where I can buy a state-of-the-art DVD?”

Turn-ons: Electrical gadgets, anything out of the norm, spontaneity.

Turn-offs: Being pinned down, or pressured into undesirable situations.

Ideal romantic setting: Smart cocktails and dinner at the latest and hippest restaurant.

Esoteric topics if your lover is Pisces

The most successful way to grab the attention of these ethereal, gentle folk is to engage them in a conversation about esoteric topics, as there are very few Pisceans who don’t know something about astrology or tarot. To win their affection you must simply show that you’re loving, sincere and affectionate – a good sense of humour goes a long way too. Fish are easily pleased as long as they are adored! Pisceans love to indulge in fantasy and jump at any opportunity to leave daily tedium behind, so activities such as snorkeling, walking through a forest or losing themselves at the cinema for a few hours is enough to divert their attention from the harsh realities of the world.

Winning line: “I could love you.”

Turn-ons: Seafood, champagne, daydreaming, humility.

Turn-offs: Immodesty, aggression, aloofness.

Ideal romantic setting: Pisces are water babies so hire a boat or find a quiet beach and chow down on prawns and oysters.


By Hedy Damari


Hedy Damari is an astrologer, writer and author. She was the editor and features writer of Your Destiny magazine for eight years and star columnist for Good Health. She is the current astrologer for TV Week, Yours and the online astrologer for Australian Cosmopolitan. Hedy has written three astrology annuals for Woman’s Day and is a regular contributor for Cosmo Pregnancy, New Idea, Woman’s Day and Wellbeing Astrology. Hedy has written two books - Absolute Astro and Absolute Love Astro (Park St Press).



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