Lorna Jane Clarkson: A Home-Grown Success Story

Lorna Jane Clarkson
Lorna Jane

Health and Fitness Expert

Aug 01, 2021

From a dental therapist in Brisbane to a global active-living advocate, business entrepreneur / fashion designer and author, Lorna Jane Clarkson is a home-grown success story.

“Who would have thought when I started making activewear all those years ago that Lorna Jane would one day be a leading global brand?,” she said. “It just goes to show where passion and following your dreams can take you.”

And dream she did – big time. Modern women around the world love her comfortable yet fashionable activewear line because it truly caters to their busy lifestyle by closing the gap between gym gear and cafe attire.

In fact, Lorna Jane’s activewear sparked the sport luxe craze before it was even a `thing’, now chic sportswear is a globally-recognised fashion trend.  Launching a fitness fashion movement was always front of mind for Lorna when she created the LJ brand 25 years ago.

“From day one my vision has always been for women to wear their activewear beyond their workouts,” she said. “I’m so pleased that my persistence has paid off and women around the world are proudly wearing their activewear to do almost everything and looking great while doing it!”

Lorna Jane Clarkson

Lorna Jane is Australia’s premier destination for health, wellness and beauty.

We interviewed Lorna about empowering women through the new MNB network; how to lead a balanced life; her ultimate indulgence; and the best business advice for entrepreneurial women hoping to achieve similar success.

To further empower your female audience, you launched popular online destination Move Nourish Believe, what has been the reaction to this? What do you hope this offers the Lorna Jane woman?

Put simply, the Move Nourish Believe blog is a roadmap to Active Living. It’s where women can come to learn how to MOVE NOURISH and BELIEVE and ultimately lead amazing, positive lives.

Thousands of women around the globe visit the blog every day for everything from their daily dose of inspiration, healthy and delicious recipes through to up-to-date ways on how to get their move on. It’s also a great place for sporty sisters to share advice and words of encouragement with one another.

If you haven’t visited the site already, what are you waiting for?


You are now celebrated as an icon of Australian fashion, you live and breathe your brand – how do you juggle each aspect of your life? What’s the secret to achieving balance?’

This is where my Active Living philosophy really comes into force! It allows me to feel energised and positive every single day, which is essential when you have a busy schedule and want to achieve great things in life. The key for me to a balanced life is taking time out to dedicate to yourself every day.

Exercise is a non-negotiable part of my day and I start every day with a workout, whether it’s yoga, walking my dog or strength training. This energises me, make me feel positive and ready for another amazing day.

What’s your daily mantra or motto that helps you get through the tough days and inspires you to keep going?

Active Living is easy to achieve by just about anyone when you break it down into the daily practice of Move Nourish and Believe. If you simply make the commitment to MOVE your body every day, NOURISH from the inside out and BELIEVE anything is possible (if you are willing to work for it).

What’s your ultimate indulgence?

I absolutely LOVE the homemade raspberry and hazelnut chocolate recipe from my cookbook -NOURISH- The Fit Women’s Cookbook. It’s the perfect chocolate treat because it’s made with cacao, is sugar-free and actually good for you!


What’s the best business advice you could give to young women who aspire to achieve similar success in the fitness field and beyond?
Follow your dreams, believe in yourself and never, never, never give up!


By Lorna Jane

Health and Fitness Expert

More than thirty years ago, Lorna Jane Clarkson was an Aerobics instructor in Brisbane, Australia. Frustrated with the boring workout fashion of the 1980s, she started making Lorna Jane Activewear. She then started selling items in stores and now she's still committed to activewear but she's also written cook books and is committed to a healthy lifestyle in general.



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