How Hypnotherapy Can Help Fight Addictive Behaviour 

How Hypnotherapy Can Help Fight Addictive Behaviour 
Simonne Lee

Health Expert

Mar 18, 2019

It just feels good, and you want a bit more of it. You forget about all your problems, your stress and what’s ‘not good’ in life, it’s a moment’s reprieve. You look forward to doing it again and again AND you begin to plan your day around. Without it, your stress instantly rises and mind games start to play out – how you can do and do it now? You’re not even sure if you’re enjoying it anymore but it becomes your attention’s single focus – it’s called ADDICTION.

Addiction is a habit or urge that we can’t manage and it begins to control our lives. It doesn’t matter whether it’s just that niggly feeling that keeps repeating like an itch that doesn’t stop until we scratch it and scratch vigorously. Whatever the addiction is, it becomes an obsession. Whether it’s smoking, drinking, shopping, drugs, partying or just being online, it begins to change how you live as anxiety becomes its partner in crime and if you’re not able to access your addiction, it keeps increasing.

So, let’s ask yourself a couple of questions of what you’re feeling when in your doing your addiction:

  • How do I feel when I’m in the middle of doing this?
  • How do I feel when I’ve done it?
  • How often do I want or have the urge to do this?
  • How does my body feel?
  • What thoughts run through my mind?

=Q= There is usually an underlying factor, an emotion that we want to steer away from. You may not realise but that moment’s reprieve where you don’t have to think about your everyday life, your everyday feelings and thoughts gets locked into our subconscious mind as a way to manage what we desire less of in our life. Then the pattern, the habit is set and increases with intensity.


So how do you feel when you can’t access your addiction?

  • What happens if I can’t do this?
  • How does my body feel?
  • How do I feel emotionally?
  • What thoughts run through my mind?
  • What don’t you want to feel and think?

So how do you deal with addiction? Hypnotherapy is one method that can shift an addiction that’s been embedded into your daily life. Hypnosis is already widely used for desired goals and motivation by shifting and aligning one’s focus (by working with the subconscious mind) with fast and solid results, but it’s also of great benefit for changing unwanted patterns. There’s a connection to that unwanted habit and a feel-good sensation as opposed to the unwanted feelings.

Hypnotherapy fighting addiction

To break this cycle (and let’s not make it about your habit), ask yourself what you would like more of in life?

  • How would you like to feel more of daily?
  • What would you like more of in your life (that benefits you)?
  • What makes you feel safe?
  • What makes you feel satisfied?
  • What makes you feel strong?

By gently moving your focus towards what you want to feel more of in life, hypnotherapy can assist in diminishing your attention from the urges, the cravings by creating new healthy and wanted habits into play. By drawing emphasis on the underlying emotion and addressing it, will stop the addiction moving towards another habit to get that hit. Hypnotherapy gives you that immense extra boost, determination and mindset to get ‘the control’ back whilst feeling stronger with who you are.

Within a couple of sessions, you can achieve that change in what once controlled who you were, to new sense of freedom. The addictive behaviour is now in the background instead of the foreground of who you are, releasing you of the addictive habit and replaced with what gives you a more wholesome substance and contentment in life.

Author: Simone Lee

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By Simonne Lee

Health Expert

Simonne Lee is a life coach, clinical hypnotherapist, Reiki expert, and specialises in animal communication. Over the last 15 years, she has honed her craft and knowledge and is a highly regarded life strategists and holistic practitioner.



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