LA Designer Anine Bing: How To Wear (and Rock!) Layers

Anine Bing

Fashion Designer

Mar 06, 2014

California-based Danish fashion designer Anine Bing believes a look should work as easily for daytime as at night. Her easy-to-wear range defies trends, here she demonstrates to The Carousel how to achieve different moods simply by layering garments.

LA Designer Anine Bing: How To Wear (and Rock!) Layers


By Anine Bing

Fashion Designer

Anine Bing has lived and breathed the fashion industry since she started modelling at the age of 15. Singer, songwriter, fashion designer and mother, Anine joins The Carousel team to give you the latest in fashion tips and advice. Anine draws inspiration from music, Los Angeles, flea markets, bloggers and life at large. "I am a mum, but that doesn't stop me from wanting to dress well. My aim is that regardless if you're a mom, a model, a lawyer or a teacher you should be able to find cool and suitable pieces from my label." Contact:



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