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London Travel Spy: 3 Secret Spots To Keep To Yourself!

London Travel Spy: 3 Secret Spots To Keep To Yourself!3

So we tapped our man on the ground, Joe Thomas, for the scoop on where to go in London to escape the hordes.

Here are his top three off-the-beaten-track spots: no matching track suits or khaki cargo shorts in sight!

  1. Tamesis Dock

If you are wandering around Parliament, this is a perfect stop for a break just an eight-minute walk away. Take a stroll just over the bridge, turn right, and carry on walking until you see it. It is a pub on a boat, docked up on the Thames. On top of the dock is a seating area, where you can watch the sunset over Parliament and the surrounding city with a cold beer, and some great pub food.

London Travel Spy: 3 Secret Spots To Keep To Yourself!2

  1. A Cheeky Secret on the Cheap

If you are looking for a quiet place to have some very cheap drinks in the centre of London, well you are very lucky you have read this article.  If you are travelling on the underground, you will likely come across Euston Square. Get off! Most people will go and spend a huge amount at the Euston Tap down the road (worth a look though). However even closer, 10 meters from the main exit, you will see 336 in big text on the nearest building. Forgive me for not giving the street name, I won’t make it that easy for you. Go in and turn immediately to the door on your right. For $2.50 a pint – expect to pay around $6 elsewhere – this is the place to have a few cheeky ones, before you move on to the next thing on your agenda. Don’t believe me? Look for yourself.

  1. Putt in the Park

In the Park (next to Acton central railway station) is mini golf where you can get cold beers at the bar while you play. It looks very tranquil, with small streams running through it, and a lot of greenery.  A fun activity, up to 2-4 persons per game. Consider going next door to the Station House after, (can’t miss it) for some fantastic pizzas.

Written by TheCarousel

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