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Top Five Tips For Saving While You’re On Holiday

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New research from Luxury Escapes reveals Australian’s have three points of frustration when they are booking a holiday including; transparency on the final price, easy comparison between costs and quick response time. 

Luxury Escapes has launched flight integration into its platform, making it a one-stop-shop for travel insurance, day tours, lounge passes and experiences, keeping true to its brand purpose of curating amazing travel experiences at an incredible value. 

Spending up to five months of the year travelling for work, Cameron Holland, CEO of Luxury Escapes discusses the top five tips for saving precious dollars while you are on holiday. 

Use your points wisely 

● Be savvy with how you earn and use your points! Often you can use points to pay for hotels, flights and more (or score some upgrades). At Luxury Escapes, you can earn points just for booking one of our packages, which may offer potential savings on the next booking! 

Ask yourself – do I really need this? 

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● It seems obvious, but so many of us (including myself) are offenders of over-spending while on holiday. Saving money can be as simple as asking yourself whether that souvenir is going to sit on a shelf at home untouched for the next 5 years or whether it’s something you’ll actually use. 

Check out what the locals have to offer 

● Destinations that are popular with tourists will often bump up prices extraordinarily. By seeking out local restaurants and bars, you can immerse yourself in the authentic culture of the destination you’re visiting, while often getting some huge savings. When curating Luxury Escapes packages, we often pair you up with a local guide to ensure these insider tips are readily available. 

Know when to travel 

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● Keep track of deals to see when the best time to travel to your desired destination. 

● On the Luxury Escapes website, we have introduced a feature to see the best value dates to travel both for flights and land up to a year in advance, so these are even easier to spot. Spending less time buried in the planning process gives you more to focus on the important stuff, like ‘will I need new carry-on accessories?’ 

Book an all-inclusive package 

● Booking a holiday package with flights, accommodation, experiences, travel insurance and activities, like those offered on Luxury Escapes, can significantly cut down those extra costs and fees we don’t consider. By paying for a holiday and all the experiences at one time, you potentially can reduce credit card fees, conversion fees, and any other hidden costs that often pop up after booking through multiple vendors. Think of the extra cash you can splash just by being clever with your booking and payments!

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