What Are The Most Reliable Cars In Australia?

Janelle Gonzalez

Motoring Expert

Jun 13, 2023

When you’re buying a car, one of the most important factors is reliability.

Let’s face it, no one wants to get stranded in the middle of nowhere, have to front up for bills they weren’t expecting or end up missing their best friend’s wedding because the car wouldn’t start.

So, what’s the most reliable car in Australia then? Fortunately, there are some basic guidelines and it largely comes down to the car’s country of origin.

Japanese for value

The most reliable (and, by no coincidence, popular) cars in Australia are Japanese. In fact, nine of the top 10 most reliable cars are Japanese. Their accessibility to the Australian market also makes them the most cost effective to buy and maintain, and because of this they also gain the highest resale as well.

Ultimately you want to buy Japanese for value. Most Japanese cars have better resale value, are cheaper to maintain and are just more reliable. Whether you’re buying new or used, if you want reliability, cost efficiency and good resale value, buying Japanese is the safest bet.


Australian for local

Australian-made Fords and Holdens are an institution (though, sadly, not for much longer). While not as reliable as Japanese cars, they are still made very well and are reasonably reliable. And, given that they’re made here, the cost of parts is relatively low. If you want a well-made, reliable, family car or work horse, are willing to pay a little more, and want something with a little extra grunt, then Australian is the way to go.


American for size

Who doesn’t love American muscle cars, right? In some ways, American cars are very similar to Aussie ones — they tend to be bigger, louder and tougher. However, with very few American cars in the Australian market, parts are harder to source, which makes them more expensive. They are also much less reliable than Aussie and Japanese cars. As a result, people who drive American cars do so because they love them (and who doesn’t love a Jeep?), not because they’re reliable.


European for luxury

European cars are about luxury and style, not reliability or cost efficiency. In the international market, European cars are the most expensive to buy, parts and general maintenance are hideously expensive and they break down and have more recalls than any other car. In fact, eight of the top 10 most unreliable cars are European!

This is why people who buy European cars buy them as a status symbol, or because they love to drive beautiful cars. The fact is, they’re just nicer to drive.


In summary

Overall, if like most people reliability is important to you, there are rules you can follow to find the best car for you. Buy Japanese for reliability, cost efficiency and good resale value. Buy Australian for a reliable, larger family car made here. American cars are great to drive but less reliable and more expensive. And buy European if style is more important to you than cost and reliability. It also happens that the less reliable the car, the more expensive the parts — so a double whammy!

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By Janelle Gonzalez

Motoring Expert

Corporate escapee and mechanic’s wife Janelle Gonzalez has spent the last 24 years in garages, pit lanes and on road trips. Living a double life - corporate by weekday, trackside on the weekends - she shares her husband’s passion for cars. She has now turned her skills to building Australia’s first national mobile mechanic franchise. Her mission is to help Australians trust mechanics by educating car owners and returning to good old fashioned service values, while changing the lives of mechanics and their families.



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