The Best Travel Destinations According to Your Numerology

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Aug 10, 2023

Astrologer and author Maria Hayes gives us the best travel destinations according to your numerology.

Ready for an adventure abroad? Maybe you’re thinking of a more quaint local destination. If you are, it’s also possible that you’re not sure how to decide where to go! That’s why we made this handy article for you.

Deciding the best travel destinations is by no means an easy task. You need the trip to be worthwhile, since you’re definitely spending a lot of money to do it. So how exactly does one decide what the best travel destination is going to be?

Some people use darts and toss randomly at a world map to decide. Others use the stars and the moon to make a decision using astrology. Another group of people happen to see angel numbers, so they let those signs they see decide for them.

Zodiac Sign

Everyone probably knows their Zodiac sign. Whether you’re an Aries or a Pisces, astrology is often something people know. But what about your number in numerology? There’s vital information to be had if you can know your numerology the way you know your astrology.

Just like the typical sun sign in your Zodiac astrology, you also have a Life Path. That Life Path is essentially a one-digit number that also determines some things about you, like your Zodiac sign. Here’s how to calculate it:

Say your birth date is July 20, 1997. Add together your month, day, and year.


2 + 0 = 2

1 + 9 + 9 + 7 = 26 = 2 + 6= 8

7 + 2 + 8 = 17 = 1 + 7 = 8

That means your Life Path is an 8 Life Path.

What Is Your Life Path?

When you’ve calculated your Life Path, consider which of the nine Life Paths means the best travel destination for you!

1 Life Path

Often, those on the 1 Life Path are movers and shakers. As people who march to their own drumbeat, they move towards the path less traveled. Travel that piques your sense of independence draws you like nothing else and.

Because of this, those under the 1 Life Path take plenty of risks. Try taking a jaunt through Cape Town in South Africa. Bungee jump off the Bloukrans Bridge there and really test your own limits. Any place that can get your adrenaline pumping is a great place for a 1 Life Path to be! If you feel like taking it easy, try to rejuvenate yourself in Bali.

2 Life Path

2 Life Paths never travel alone; they’re always with a plus one or a group of friends. Solo adventures aren’t your thing, and that’s not a bad thing! Emotional connection is your jam and making memories with loved ones in travel gives you just that.

Often, the 2 Life Paths are down to organize the details of the travel. If not, they’re the ones figuring out sweetly thoughtful ways to involve everyone in the trip. That makes it hard for them to decide on their own where to travel because they always consider everyone else. Try Costa Rica for a rainforest adventure or Mexico City for a spiritual adventure.

mexico3 Life Path

Exploration is where people on the 3 Life Path thrive! Curiosity may have killed the cat, but it only makes you stronger. Optimism and a light touch of joy color your Life Path, making everything a happy little accident.

Anything that taps into your communication skills is a joy to have, so travel to places that give you material! That material is something you can use to write or speak. Try the underground city life of Tokyo, Japan! Cool your jets if you have to at the rolling hills of Tuscany with some pasta.

Japan’s Iconic Cherry Blossoms Are Blooming Brilliant
Japan’s Iconic Cherry Blossoms Are Blooming Brilliant

4 Life Path

4 Life Paths love good adventure, provided that it’s organized and structured perfectly. They absorb knowledge impeccably and learn forever. So any travel has to be something they can learn from!

Anybody from the 4 Life Path researches everything about where they’re going before they go. For the knowledge-thirsty, try going to the Sea of Cortez in Mexico! But sometimes, these rabid learners need to chill; the beaches of Costa Rica are perfect for that.

5 Life Path

Fearless adventurers, sign right up here! Never try to fence in a person from the 5 Life Path. You’d never manage it anyway. Their sensual nature attracts them irrevocably towards tactile experiences. Food and wine are just the tip of their sensuous iceberg.

No wrong destination exists for the 5 Life Path as long as there’s an experience or story to tell after. The cultural oasis of Medellin, Colombia is a great place to start. For 5 Life Paths who seek stillness instead of sensuality, the waters of Baja, California Sur are a fine place.

6 Life Path

As homebodies, convincing someone from the 6 Life Path to travel is a feat in and of itself. They love seeking experiences for their refined aesthetic sensibilities. When they decide to travel, they need to lighten up and stop worrying about planning or execution all the time!

Even if it comes with unplanned detours, the point of travel is to have fun! Where some like city life, others may crave ancient culture. For the refined 6 Life Path, Kyoto, Japan is the place to be. If you’re feeling the burnout, try a quieter place like Cape Town.

thailand the best travel destinations
Heavenly Thailand

7 Life Path

A seeker by heart, travel calls you like the sea calls Moana. Processing all that life throws at the 7 Life Path often requires unplugged travel time. Though often analytical, the 7 Life Path often ends up a reluctant spiritualist.

Like the 1 Life Path, the road less traveled beckons alluringly to them. Try a place that not that many people visit, but is no less enjoyable like Siberia. Otherwise, try a spiritual escape in the temples of Southeast Asia like in Thailand or Cambodia.

8 Life Path

Business is the lifeblood of those on the 8 Life Path. You connect, influence, and prefer the finer things in life. Because of this, mixing business with pleasure is your little secret. 8 Life Paths move through life with a large and in charge attitude, so accommodations have to be first rate!

Comfort and quality are your forte, so it has to be swanky and it has to feel great! Paris isn’t a bad place to start, and neither is the Amazon. If you’re looking for serenity from business burnout, Bali is the perfect getaway.

Escape to Ubud Bali
Ubud, Bali

9 Life Path

Romantics at heart, the 9 Life Path often finds itself full of compassionate humanitarians. Exploring different cultures is one of their great loves. They love to see the spark of humanity in every different walk of life.

Golden Gap Year: Bilbao, Barcelona And The Camino Pilgrimage Trail

Traveling is a way for them to stretch the limits of their comfort zone. So they need to go somewhere they wouldn’t normally think to go. Try a place like Lebanon! But if you need a place to slow down, Barcelona, Spain is a great place to chill out with wine.

The Carousel would like to thank Astrologer and author Maria Hayes gives us the best travel destinations according to your numerology.


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