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Nov 21, 2021

If you want to get the hottest new trends to transform your home, then check out Inside Out Editor Eliza O’Hare’s top tips.

Eliza is the editor of Inside Out magazine and she’s an expert on how to keep up with the latest trends from mud rooms to tiny homes, smart technology and even the favourite kitchen colour.

Inside Out magazine is also celebrating its magical 21st birthday, so check out the latest issue which includes 21 Australian Design Moments.

Inside Out Editor Eliza O’Hare
Inside Out Editor Eliza O’Hare

Tell us the top trends for kitchens and why?

Absolutely ….colour is a huge trend. Black and delicious deep navy blue kitchens are really dominating at the moment but colour in general is a big trend. One of the biggest reasons is that there are now easily accessible colourful materials on the market. Laminex has incredible ranges of materials in delicious colour palettes and we can get our hands on coloured marble really easily as well. And appliances are getting on board as well with great colourways from people like Smeg and La Cornue and AGA. So why not?

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Tiny Homes have become the new go to holiday home. Will we see more sustainability being used in interiors and homes? How?

This is right. Sustainability is really part of the conscious purchase decision at home now. That’s changed in the last ten years or so – it was once difficult and expensive to try and incorporate sustainable materials, appliances and design into a home, so fewer people were able to do it on an existing budget but the homes and design industry has turned that around and are serious about both sustainable production and manufacture practise, good materials and products that tread lightly on the planet.

Tiny Homes
Tiny Homes are more popular than ever

What trends are we seeing in colour ways?

Colour intensity is a thing – pieces with rich colour saturation can be a hero piece in a room – a classic example is power-pop armchair, or a dramatic rug. It’s really directed, intentional use of colour in a space.

Going green Photo by julie aagaard from Pexels

Tell us about mud rooms?

 Well, I can tell you that everybody needs one. This room is actually a very old-fashioned concept from a time when an extra entrance to the house was helpful for deliveries, messy boots, cold weather coats, getting in from the snow and washing pets. Basically where you got rid of the mud before entering the house proper. Clever! It’s now extended to be part laundry, part wash house and part storage and really handy if you’ve got a house full of kids and pets.

How are people using plants indoors nowadays?

 This is a whole love affair that kicked in way before Covid but really flourished while we were all at home to love our plants. They really do bring immediate personality and calm to a space and can be used in clusters of striking planters and pots almost as a living art work. We all need more plants.

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Get Some Indoor Plants

How is smart technology transforming homes?

This one is really about making life easy. Seamless, one touch or no touch and just getting things done. From being able to see into your fridge from the supermarket while you shop to check if you’ve got milk to programming heating before you get home – the aim is to maximise comfort with your connectivity. Living smarter. You just need to make sure you’ve got excellent internet coverage.

How New Smart Home Technology Will Improve Our Lives
How New Smart Home Technology Will Improve Our Lives

What trends have dropped out of favour?
Look this is a hard question because small elements of everything always stay around, it’s just how much of it you use… and everything comes back! Look at arches … which were out of favour for a while there but everywhere right now.

Top tips to trend proof your home

And that leads into this – just don’t go too hard on any one thing. Unless you’re OK with dating your renovation, try and mix in a few different  design elements to keep things eclectic not academic. Also I’d try not to throw everything you own out and buy a whole house full of new furniture at once, that’s overwhelming, expensive and pretty likely to date.

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Inside Out Mag turns 21 and to celebrate they are featuring The Top 21 Australian Design Moments

Inside Out Mag turns 21 and to celebrate they are featuring The Top 21 Australian Design Moments
Inside Out Mag turns 21 – check out the December issue. It’s a winner!


By Robyn Foyster Robyn Foyster has been verified by Muck Rack's editorial team


Robyn Foyster is the owner and publisher of the lifestyle websites TheCarousel.com, GameChangers.com.au and WomenLoveTech.com. She is the only person to edit and publish Australia's three biggest flagship magazines - The Australian Women's Weekly, Woman's Day and New Idea. Robyn was Group Publisher of Bauer Media's most successful and prestigious magazines including Woman's Day, Good Health, Grazia and ran Hearst in Australia including Harper’s BAZAAR, Cosmopolitan and madison. Voted one of B&T's 30 Most Powerful Women In Media at the Women in Media Awards Robyn was a keynote speaker at Pause 2021, Cebit & J&J Women In Leadership. Robyn was also the winner of the prestigious Magazine Publisher Association’s Editor of the Year award.


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