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New Game Of Thrones Trailer Spills Secrets

Emilia Clarke, New Game Of Thrones Trailer Spills Secrets1
Emilia Clarke in Game Of Thrones

As we count down to the April 25, 2016 launch of season six, we’ve got our best look yet at what lies ahead in this just-released trailer.

The footage below opens by tackling the most nagging question on everyone’s mind: Is Jon Snow really dead?

The makers HBO would like us to believe that, of course.

The trailer pans down into Castle Black, right to the still-bleeding body of poor Jon. “He’s gone,” says Davos.

But is he really?

A ship bearing the sigil of House Martell sails towards King’s Landing. Presumably, this is Jamie Lannister on his way back from Dorne, now with the body of his illegitimate daughter Myrcella on board.

Jamie and Cersei look pretty distraught (likely over Myrcella’s death), with Jamie telling Cersei that “Everything they’ve taken from us we’re going to take back, and more”.

New Game Of Thrones Trailer Spills Secrets2

Davos sombrely looks over a pyre. Given what else goes on in this trailer, it looks like it’s intended to be for Jon’s body, burned before it can turn into a White Walker.

Speaking of burning! A flayed man, the favorite gruesome image of House Bolton, burns in front of a huge line of soldiers. The Boltons are involved in another big battle, it seems.

And neither does Melisandre, having a crisis of faith. “The great victory I saw in the flames… all of it was a lie.” Could Melisandre abandon her beliefs about Azor Ahai after Stannis’ death, or merely seek another champion for her red god?

Jorah the Explorah and Daario go on their “Find Khaleesi” road trip and Jorah finds the ring that Daenerys dropped with she was picked up by the Khalasar at the end of the last season.

New Game Of Thrones Trailer Spills Secrets3

Daenerys is looking rather glum as she walks alongside thousands of Dothraki.

She looks up and sees a giant statue of a horse, indicating they’re in major Dothraki territory, and most probably Vaes Dothrak, the hub of Dothraki civilisation.

Still not convinced this is shaping as the best season yet? Find out why one series star thinks season six leaves all others in its dust by clicking here.

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