Industry Beans Celebrates Its 10-Year Anniversary: A Success Story A Decade In The Brewing

Alice Duthie

Lifestyle Writer

Nov 15, 2023

Celebrating ten years in the coffee industry is no small feat – in a booming industry where trends come and go, staying relevant and thriving in a densely populated market requires resilience, innovation, and unwavering dedication. And for Trevor Simmons, co-founder of Industry Beans, this is yet another incredible milestone to the Industry Beans legacy pioneers in making specialty coffee an accessible and enjoyable experience for all Australians for the past decade. In this special piece, we dive into Trevor’s journey and the essential ingredients that have sustained Industry Beans through the years.

Industry Beans stems from humble beginnings in Ballarat, regional Victoria. When Industry Beans first embarked on its journey a decade ago, brothers Trevor and Steve had no inkling of the heights they would eventually scale. For Trevor and his team, the journey began with small steps. “We never thought too far ahead,” Trevor shares. “Our focus was always on the present, building step by step.” Starting with a single café, their vision and dedication has led them to become a coffee industry trailblazer, with a thriving community of coffee enthusiasts enjoying their specialty brews.

Industry Beans
Industry Beans co-founders Steve and Trevor Simmons

One of Trevor’s most vital learnings is the importance of constant menu innovation. With the understanding that staying still risks being left behind, Trevor and his team are always innovating and creating something new, whether it’s the latest coffee blend or the introduction of unique culinary concepts like ‘Daily Muffin’, a take on the classic breakfast muffin with an Industry Beans twist – a house-made coffee-infused hollandaise sauce.

His advice? “Keep innovating, but keep it connected to your roots. Our inaugural blend, the Fitzroy Street Blend, is still a customer favourite after all these years, and that’s a testament to the power of tradition and innovation.”

industry beans
Daily Muffin

As people continued to fall in love with Industry Beans, one thing soon became crystal clear; Aussies couldn’t get enough of their favourite Industry Beans blends. And not long after, one of Industry Beans’ most standout innovations was born, ‘The Espresso Club.’ This coffee subscription service has helped over 3,000 individuals bring the cafe experience into their homes. Trevor emphasizes the need to adapt to the changing landscape. “We saw the growing trend of coffee enthusiasts wanting to enjoy our coffee in the comfort of their homes. The Espresso Club was our response, and it’s about staying ahead of the curve.”

However, at the core of it all, lies a fundamental principle for ensuring enduring success in an era where trends can swiftly shift without warning – nurturing the community. Trevor’s unwavering dedication to growing a strong connection with the remarkable community his brand has fostered is the driving force behind his aspiration for many more prosperous decades. “Our customers are not only our source of inspiration but also the very essence of our mission.”

industry beans

And the reason behind this declaration is evident. Industry Beans is consistently attuned to customer feedback, seamlessly adapting its menu offerings, and introducing innovative concepts. Which is exactly what Trevor has done through the recent launch of their new brunch menus – giving his community what they want with the return of some classic Industry Beans menu favourites like the OG Avocado Smash (their best seller). Their popular Sweetcorn Fritters will be another throwback to the early days, and their evergreen omelette has been revisited with a classic Goats Cheese Omelette.

Industry Beans’ remarkable ten-year journey in the coffee industry showcases the enduring power of resilience, innovation, and unwavering dedication to their vibrant community. As they move forward, Industry Beans remains Australia’s leading specialty coffee roasters, dominating a dynamic landscape, a testament to their ability to withstand the test of time while continuing to evolve and inspire the world of specialty coffee.


By Alice Duthie

Lifestyle Writer

Alice Duthie is a beauty and lifestyle writer for The Carousel. She is currently studying a Bachelor of Commerce at The University of Sydney, majoring in Marketing and Business Information Systems.



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